What Does Genius Even Mean?

There are ways of measuring intelligence that can get a person labelled a genius. One can take an IQ test or compile a body of work that screams genius even when the individual in question is completely silent. These days there are nuanced definitions of the very same word. One can be genius at whatever it is they do, be it music or something else that is of a creative nature. Today’s conversation will be about what it really means to stand head and shoulders above any locally available intellects.

For starters, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that getting all of academia to agree on any one topic is virtually impossible. The notion of subjectivity allows anyone and everyone to think the thoughts that they want whenever they want. That is exactly why you probably can’t recall a time when an acknowledged genius called themselves one. It’s like being the champ and having a target on one’s back, unless you benefit from white privilege. What does that mean? Read on and find out.

Imagine a hardcore racist having to cope with the fact that someone from a “race” that they deemed inferior being reputed to have a superior intellect than their own. Now imagine the sheer volume of petty and snide remarks that one would endure for every second that their quiet intellect offends an inferior that uses freedom of speech as an excuse to yell fire in a crowded theatre. That is but one reason why a so called genius would rather not engage in petty bickering.

Imagine being supremely intelligent and being surrounded by morons. As you might imagine, those would not be very stimulating conversations. If you throw in the subjectivity secret sauce, you would literally be lectured by people that one would have to slow down for in order to communicate at all.

In other words, there can be times when being a genius might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Has anyone ever stopped to think about how many truly brilliant people never make it out of the inner city slums alive? Rhetorical questions aside, the point is that being the smartest person in the room can be very lonely and even dangerous at times.

Ideally, someone who is labelled a genius would get a lot of opportunities to demonstrate their intellectual prowess. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. More often than not, the hyper-intelligent people among us find other ways to demonstrate the sheer brute strength of their intellect. Some might become super hackers. Others might choose to use their super powers for good in a way that is not obvious to the untrained eye. You may even occasionally run into a rogue scholar that actively seeks out opponents for battle of wits. If there’s a point to this paragraph at all, it’s that genius isn’t always so obvious.

Hypothetically speaking, it stands to reason that a person who is a genius would consider their intellect normal because of the proper use of the notion of subjectivity. One should try to avoid using the S word simply to proclaim that their opinions are facts, even inwardly to oneself. For example, everyone can choose their favorite color, but not everyone can unilaterally decide what color the sky is.

At the end of the day, genius is ultimately considered weird until a person becomes rich. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, there are probably better ways to spend one’s time than defending a negative to no avail. As if towering over surrounding intellects doesn’t alienate people enough. Whatever the case, no one will argue that prioritizing love over hate isn’t genius. It is simply common sense.

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