Time Immemorial

The true origin of all things is something that has been pondered by philosophers and scientists since time immemorial. Ancient mythology is full of explanations about the beginning of time that seemed plausible to people back then. After years of investigation and all kinds of supernatural adventures; we can confidently say that today’s conversation is the real story about what initiated the series of events that, at some point, led to each and every one of our births.

This place that we call existence actually started out as the pet project of an extra-dimensional being that cannot exist in our dimension or even the primordial spirit dimension that you may have heard of at your local temple. To us, that being can only be described as a monster because of its grotesque appearance. It looked like a giant venom symbiote with tentacles as well as tendrils. It was nameless, gender-less, and amoral.

Moreover, that particular monster was actually interwoven into the fabric of time and space; meaning that it was literally “on the other side of the glass” of every inch of creation. This is known because Omegatron accidentally discovered the aforementioned monster when he was testing out his most powerful weapon, the omega gauntlet. It is an artifact of such great power that nobody can stand to wear it other than Omegatron because the gauntlet is imbued with the god of war’s killer instinct. It is a willingness to kill that frightens even the most powerful of spirits.

While the omega gauntlet is the most powerful weapon in all of creation, Omegatron is already the most powerful entity in all of existence. What makes it useful is the fact that it somehow channels and refines the Soul King’s destructive power and shoots omega energy, which is properly defined as unique to Omegatron.

At any rate, the very first time he shot omega energy in a random direction, it tore a hole in the time space continuum and there it was, what seemed like just another slimy monster. After all, Megatron was renamed Omegatron by the citizens of heaven when he hunted upwards of 300 trillion primordial monsters into extinction because he needed something to do after slaughtering both devils and every last demon.

As it turns out, that nameless monster had a grudge against the archangel of contracts because it considered all of the monsters family even though it cannot itself exist in this dimension or any of the spirit dimensions. It had created what was believed to be the progenitor of the monster race, who in turn created the twenty primordial abysses and the physical dimension that we are all stuck in. Wrap your mind around that for a minute. The primordial spirit dimension was actually created for the monsters, who obviously did not call themselves that.

After forcibly dragging the unfathomably big pile of slimy monster worms into the spirit dimension, the god of war had its memory extracted so as to add the truly primordial knowledge to the heavenly archives. That is how we discovered that it was using its malign influence to make things existentially difficult for our hero. The moment that the most ancient monstrosity died, the primordial spirit dimension(not to be confused with the soul multiverse) turned white when it had always been pitch black just like the abomination that created it.

When the Soul King’s inner circle grew wary of the sudden change in status quo, he decided to replace the monster with his own non-sentient good will in sense of justice. In theory, doing so should alter the laws of probability for the better. In any case, the revelry in the heavens is at an all time high as a result of the most recent events in the saga of Omegatron Prime the Ultimate. If you think that the last couple of days since the incident have felt unusually good, now you know why.

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