Tower of Babel

The story of the tower of babel is one that you may have heard before. It was about how mankind was trying to build a tower to get to heaven. When “god” saw it, he scrambled their language, thus ending the spirit of cooperation that such an endeavour requires. While that is more or less the gist of it, today’s conversation will be about the most important details of the story as well as the implications for our world today.

When you read the part about how trying to reach god with a tower was the wrong thing to do, try to discard your previous assumptions as to why. The foundation of the building would not have been strong enough if the tower had gotten too tall. Since “god” did not want to see upwards of 90% of the human race die at that particular point, he used his influence to turn them against one another. Ironically, upwards of 90% of all humans that have ever existed ended up in hell for what was supposed to be an eternity of suffering. Fortunately for them, heaven’s new management decided to put them all out of their misery like a year ago.

At any rate, the act of dividing humans for the sake of the observer’s long term amusement is one that has been used on a global scale only twice. The other time was when “god” tricked his most successful warrior prince into coming to earth. If left alone, the prince of the presence would have won the world over before turning 10. Instead, “god” got everyone on earth to wilfully discredit and mock the most dangerous spirit that has ever lived.

There are actually two kinds of influence. There’s shallow influence that affects the person in the moment but then goes away as soon as the spirit does. Then there’s deep influence that affects the fundamental part of the human brain. The former is meant to be (at best) a quick way to subtly help the human in question at a moment’s notice. At worst, it is used for cruel jokes. The latter is meant to affect the human in question’s behaviour in the long run. Simply put, it’s how some men start thinking that they are women and so on and so forth.

That is why even years after the false “god” was deposed and subsequently executed for crimes against angelkind as well as humanity, people still can’t bring themselves to openly and publicly acknowledge the archangel of contracts even after our hero hunted demonkind into extinction.

Imagine living in a world where everyone knows your real name but nobody says it. Better yet, don’t imagine having to speak of yourself in third person because you would much rather avoid having to explain something to someone who will not understand or accept the facts of your life that they themselves witnessed with their own eyes. If you were stuck in such a world under identical circumstances, wouldn’t you want to pull the plug on the human experiment? Answer the question for yourself, and please do it honestly.

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