The Supreme Art of War

To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme art of war. Words immortalized by Sun Tzu that are still relevant today, at least in the human world. In the spirit world, might very much makes right. Here in the mortal world, there is honour in besting one’s adversaries with superior tactics and strategy. Today’s conversation will be about why it feels so good to negate the enemy's intentions before the actual fight even begins.

In war, both sides consider the other side “evil”. As such, one must disregard the notion of righteous indignation and leave such dubious prattle to the politicians and their lackeys. Sometimes an enemy can manifest him or herself for completely selfish reasons, thus rendering all philosophical logic useless. One cannot reason with someone that simply wants to a implement their own goals according to what they believe is their superior will. Knowing this, one should approach any engagement with the enemy with only the coldest sense of objective ruthlessness.

That is not to say that people should go around committing war crimes. It simply means that there’s no point in mulling over the socio-economic implications of the enemy’s actions and intentions. All you need to know is that they are going down. The sooner you can identify not only enemy, but the moment that the impasse begins, the sooner you can start formulating superior tactics.

Think about it for a moment. One country’s atomic victory is another country’s national tragedy. These days, wars are fought and won by alliances. Sure, you can watch each country’s news and get the sense that they can fight anyone and everyone. But why would anyone place that much faith in information that is obtained from sources that are so closely tied to politicians? At any rate, any country can be brought down if you successfully attack their alliances.

If you watch the news, you can catch a glimpse of the art of war in motion. One country telling other countries not to cooperate with enemy states. They’ll always have some overly grandiose justification for their actions. Just try to remember that the art of war is deception. Right now everyone is trying to exhaust all options before full scale war, as they should.

As was previously stated, the details of an enemy’s personal motivations are immaterial. The very notion of right and wrong is something that is presented to the citizenry of each country so as to not appear like children pointing very dangerous weapons at each other. Think about how the assassination of one man set in motion a chain of events that led to world war one. Does anyone truly believe that all countries involved had a personal stake in the war? Of course not.

That war along with the second world war was started because of world class irony. Countries enter alliances in order to ensure security for their people, only to be drawn into a global conflict because of a foreign politicians and their bruised egos. Indeed, wars on earth are almost always declared by people who will not be directly in harm’s way when the fighting starts. That is not what Sun Tzu meant when he defined the supreme art of war.

At any rate, it’s only a matter of time before one alliance declares war on the other. Woe betide the country that does not realize they have lost the game of global chess. It makes sense in a way. For all we know, there’s a country out there that is so proud that they are too wilfully ignorant to realize that they have been put in check. That’s OK, the superiority of the winner will become abundantly clear when the word mate is said.

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