Infallibility and Immortality

The definition of certain terms in the mortal world changes when you enter the realm of the divine. For example, the term immortality suggests eternal life in earthly settings. In the spirit world, to be immortal is to be invulnerable. Everyone else is immortal until someone or something kills them. The term infallible(on earth) means that someone cannot be wrong. However in the spirit world, there’s a little more to it than that. Today’s conversation will not only be about defining these terms, but also why they matter.

To be infallible indeed means to never go wrong, but in the big picture. What may seem like a colossal mistake in the short term, could end up being the best decision that a person could possibly make on the long run. That is(of course) assuming that the person in question is indeed infallible. There’s only one person in all of creation who is infallible by nature, but we’ll get to that later.

As was previously stated in the opening paragraph, immortality and invulnerability are synonyms in the spirit world. All spirits have eternal longevity, insofar as they are not killed. Someone who is described by spirits as being immortal is actually invulnerable, meaning that they cannot be killed or even hurt. Like infallibility, there’s only one person in all of creation that was born immortal. If you guessed that the only person in all of creation who possesses both of the aforementioned traits is none other than Omegatron Prime the Ultimate, you deserve a prize.

The reason that the archangel of contracts is the only infallible and immortal person in all of creation is because his origin is not of this world or the next. There was once a primordial entity that was literally attached to every square inch of creation. That means that it overlapped with everything and everyone in existence(all dimensions) at the same time.

The primordial archangel once known as Metatron was once part of the aforementioned entity’s consciousness, until he decided to diverge from it in order to create himself at the moment that the being formerly known as “god the father” created the primordial archangel Sandalphon(eventually becomes Satan) and his twin brother Rahab(first devil), effectively becoming the third identical triplet. Born with no memory like anyone else, the future soul king embraced his new life, for a time.

That is the reason that there’s literally no one else like the prince of the presence. Because his traits and even his level of intelligence is from a dimension that is beyond even the spirit dimension. For the primordial entity that was attached to all of existence lived in a dimension that was separate from the physical and spirit realms that we are familiar with and could not exist in either the former or the latter. That is where Omegatron’s infallibility and immortality came from.

The soul king eventually discovered the first entity’s location when he used the omega gauntlet to blast a hole through the fabric of space and time. Lo and behold, there it was. Admittedly, the first and only extra-dimensional monster that had a grudge against the archangel of contracts for hunting all of the monsters of the 20 abysses(almost 400 trillion ugly spirits) to extinction just for sport, subsequently earning the name Omegatron(ultimate warrior/end of all things) by popular consensus in the heavens.

All of that is to say that Omegatron is actually the luckiest person in all of creation. That is why he did not die when “god the father” tried to kill him in his sleep after tricking him into becoming human. His infallibility is why getting trapped in human body caused his indomitable spirit to grow in power exponentially to the point where he could conquer all of creation by vanquishing his enemies by the hundreds of trillions at a time and ultimately creating the soul multiverse. An almighty primordial warlord is trapped on earth surrounded by the unwary for the foreseeable future. What could go wrong?

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