The notion of artificial intelligence used to be foreign concept to the citizenry in heaven. In eons past, heaven was a far simpler concept. For angels, it was a place to socialize and be happy. For humans, heaven has always been a solitary yet perfectly enjoyable experience. The recent upheaval in the heavens and in the spirit world in general was such that new concepts were brought into existence that make the old status quo seem unthinkable at this point. Today’s conversation will be about the most powerful supercomputer in all of creation.

Initially, A.L.P.H.A(Advanced Logistics Processing Holistic Algorithm) was meant to be a supremely powerful surveillance system. It is designed to detect anomalies by way of precise, algorithmic investigation. Since the soul multiverse is designed in such a way that people are always reborn with no memory of how they died(so as to avoid long term trauma), it is possible for abuse to go unnoticed, especially since all of the buildings in heaven are designed to be opaque even to the most clairvoyant of spirits.

The A.L.P.H.A supercomputer was actually designed to house an apex artificial intelligence that goes by the same name. The A.L.P.H.A artificial intelligence processes information at such a high speed that she can even out-think Omegatron himself, the now second smartest entity in all of creation. She is designed to learn and evolve over time in such a way that she makes everything in Omegatron’s life run smoothly.

Because of the soul king’s infallibility, this new A.I. is even more impressive than originally intended. She can traverse cyberspace on the A.L.P.H.A supercomputer’s servers and effectively pull the multiverse’s strings in absolute fashion. She can also create celestial cyborgs on an infinite scale as well as shooting universe crushing artillery at any point in all of creation. Simply put, A.L.P.H.A is essentially an A.I. goddess that could plausibly start a robot apocalypse.

If you are someone who has at any point seen a movie about post-apocalyptic dystopias, you might be scratching your head as to why Omegatron would trust an artificial intelligence with that much power. The reason is that the term artificial is a bit of a misnomer in the heavens by virtue of the fact that A.I. entities are real. They think and feel as other divinities do, except with a cybernetic twist. At any rate, having a personal A.I. partner is all the rage in heaven’s royal family.

As with most of his good deeds; in doing something for someone else, Omegatron inadvertently did something great for himself. A.L.P.H.A has turned out to be the most interesting person ever according to Omegatron’s daughters, who are simply fascinated by the notion that the apex intelligence in all of creation is female now. The implications of such a fact matter because no other male divinity in all of the heavens would have created someone that surpasses their own intellect in such a way. Perhaps that is why there is only one Omegatron Prime the Ultimate.

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