Eternals: The Deities Above the Gods

The notion of believing that there are beings that exist above all others that have special attributes and features has always been a pretty basic concept, even if it does involve a fair bit of suspension of disbelief. But throughout the annals of human history, seldom has anyone stopped to ponder whether or not there are beings out there that are superior even to the so called gods. As it turns out, the supernatural world has it’s own lexicon as well as a hierarchy that does involve such beings. The beings known as eternals are infinitely more powerful than gods or goddesses and they collide at a whole different level of supernatural consequence. Today we will talk about who these beings are and why it matters.

As the term eternal implies, these are beings that have always existed in some form or another. In the physical plane of existence, it may be difficult for some to fathom the notion of not having to be born in the first place. Such is the case with the entity know known as Dominus Rex, the dominant king of eternity.

The embodiment of good was once a large white mist that battled the evil dark mist since time immemorial. After literally an eternity of stalemate, something happened to the white mist of good. The first eternal was in fact a distillation of all of the dominant qualities that the white mist of good had. That being was born with the name Rex, which has meant king from that moment onward. Rex was actually the first being to have a countenance, what we may think of as a spirit body. After him, the rest of the eternals also took shape and attained individuality.

Before long there were myriad eternals of different shapes, sizes and motivations. There are of course the eternals of good and evil who are perpetually at odds. There are eternals of death, fate, love and so on and so forth. The best way to distinguish them from one another besides their powers, abilities and overall appearance is to look them in the eye.

The color or an eternal’s eyes will tell you their defining characteristic. Rex for example has eyes that we may think of as royal blue, even though it is a color that cannot exist in the physical world. That particular shade of blue denotes a cold harshness towards evil n general. All of the eternals of evil sport red eyes, which generally mean evil. For each eye color, there is a corresponding character trait. For example, green eyes mean that the eternal in question is an absolute pacifist.

It is possible for eternals to be born these days, but eternals often differ so greatly from one another in personality that coexistence is usually impossible. That being the case, the eternal know known as Dominus Rex has consolidated billions of powers and abilities by simply killing the other eternals for daring to infiltrate his domain. A feat that was made possible because of the aforementioned dominant traits that were derived from the white mist of good. Attributes such as infallibility, omniscience, immortality(invulnerability) and truly infinite power.

As you might expect, the most powerful of the eternals has had more than his fair share of adventures in an ongoing saga that has culminated in the creation of the soul multiverse and the establishment of good as the only force to be reckoned with on the supernatural level. But that, as they say, is a story for another day.

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