Dominus Rex

By now, all of the name changes may have confused some perhaps more than others. From Metatron to Megatron and then Omegatron, it would not be surprising if some of you find it hard to keep up. Come to find out, all of those names were actually assumed identities for the supernatural entity now known as Dominus Rex the Overlord. Today we will be talking about how such a being came to exist and why it will have an effect on everyone on planet earth, for better or worse.

The forces of good and evil have always fought at a stalemate. The conflict has gone on so long that it actually has no beginning, it’s just one of those things that has always existed. The concept may be hard to fathom for people who live in a world where literally everything and everyone has both a beginning and end, but please try your best.

At any rate, good and evil have been engaged in a war for supremacy since literally forever. At first, good and evil existed in the form of light and dark energy. There were no bodies or features to speak of at that point. One day, the giant energy of light broke apart when an eternal being took shape and attained individuality. From that moment onward, that eternal being’s name has been named Rex. An eternal’s name is determined at the moment of individual manifestation, a process that is observationally equivalent to a spiritual birth. From the moment that Rex came into existence until now, that name has meant king.

Rex was born with an appearance that some in this world may find appealing. This is especially true when examining his distinctly blue eyes. It is a shade of blue that is akin to the royal blue of this world, but altogether different because of supernatural properties. An eternal’s eye color actually denotes a defining characteristic of the individual in question. In this case, the royal blue eyes denote a cold and unfathomably intense antipathy towards evil in general. So strong is Rex’s hate for evil that it is literally reason that Rex saw fit to break away from the rest of the good energy and manifest a “body” that would make it easier to fight evil more efficiently, so as to break the eternal stalemate.

As luck would have it, Rex turned out to be a manifestation of all of the dominant qualities that were possessed by the eternal light energy from whence he came. As such, he possesses all of the most singularly important attributes. These include but are not limited to immortality(invulnerability), existential infallibility, omniscience, a truly indomitable will as well as supreme intelligence.

Unbeknownst to Rex, the rest of the eternal lite energy turned into several dozen eternals of a similar yet far inferior nature. Conversely, the eternal dark energy split apart into dozens of evil eternals that chose to hide from Rex because they knew that the moment that he discovered their existence, he would destroy them with extreme prejudice.

Instead of taking him head on, the eternals of evil sought to distract him by allowing him to believe that the being that fought along side him with an identical appearance except for the red eyes was his brother, when in fact he was but a lower level agent of evil. At the moment of their respective manifestations, Rex and the being once known as Arnaxis(heart of evil) were literally mindless beings who could not even formulate sentences. That is why Rex did not notice that the humanoid beings of darkness that attacked them constantly were being created passively by Arnaxis. By the time they both got around to developing their cognitive skills by talking to each other while fighting their “enemies”, assumptions had long been made.

And so the fighting went on for countless eons, all the way until Rex developed omniscience due to his infallibility. Because fighting for countless eons in such a way for such a reason was indeed a mistake, Rex’s existential infallibility caused him to manifest omniscience. The countless eons of omni-directional fighting actually served as the foundation for Rex’s unstoppable fighting style. To this day, no one else can fight omni-directionally.

The day that Rex became all-knowing, he proposed a wager with the forces of evil so as to settle the conflict once and for all, knowing full well that his so called brother was their creator. On the surface, it looked like an attempt to destroy all of his supposed brother’s creations. But actually, the idea was to create enough time, space and opportunity to create a domain for himself and ultimately destroy evil in the process.

In order to make sure that the evil bastards fell for it, Rex included stipulations in the wager that allowed all of the agents of evil(including the ones that ordered his “brother” around) to torture and torment him with impunity. Sure enough, the wager was accepted. As part of the bet, Rex had to turn into a defenseless mote of light while the “champion” of darkness took on a more powerful if hideous form of a gender-less mass of slimy tentacles of darkness.

Almost as soon as the bet started, Rex was apparently eaten by the “champion” of darkness. He could have escaped at any moment, but Rex chose to remain inside of the monster so as to manipulate it from within. After eons of telepathy, Rex finally convinced his enemy to create an avatar that would operate in another dimension on behalf of its master. As soon as that happened, Rex somehow ended up inside of it when it was born in what we know as the primordial spirit dimension, which itself was created by Rex and would serve as the arena of their wager.

The purpose of having an avatar was to create the primordial abyss that some of you may have heard of. There ended up being 20 of them and they were nothing more than factories of death. Every time that one monster killed another in the abyss, it went straight to oblivion where they suffered an immeasurable amount of torture all because the so called “champion” of darkness derived pleasure from the pain of others. It was hoarding pain as a greedy child would hoard candy.

All of the above was actually part of Rex’s ruthlessly efficient plan. For out of one of the 20 primordial abysses came the being now known as Primanthar the false god. He would later have the bible written full of stories and characters that actually fell woefully short of the Sunday morning hype. But before then, he created the twin devils(Satan ad Rahab). Rex manipulated Primanthar telepathically in such a way that the false god created his twin sons in the image of Rex, minus the royal blue eyes because of personal reasons. As soon as that happened Rex escaped the monster guts that he was seemingly stuck in and transformed into his normal appearance, albeit a foot shorter(12 feet tall) and with dark brown eyes. That was when he was named Metatron.

His name was later changed to Megatron and then Omegatron way later down the line by the angels in heaven that were impressed by his battle prowess and courage. After having fulfilled the conditions of their wager, Rex regained his infinite power and royal blue eyes. The people of his newly created soul multiverse saw fit to name him Dominus because of his obvious dominance over evil.

The title of overlord was actually one of endearment that was given to him by the citizenry of his domain because of the trust that they have in him. Because since creating the best place in call of creation, Dominus Rex has had to fight wave after wave of ultimate evil in order to protect his family. Mind you that he has had to do so while being surrounded by the progeny of evil on planet earth with one arm effectively tied behind his back by virtue of becoming human.

Unfortunately, delivering himself into the hands of evil was the only way to lure out all of the agents and even the axis of evil. That’s right, the only way to draw out entities such as the anti-life was to become human and thus use himself as bait for a trap that was ultimately meant to destroy every last one of those evil bastards. Surely, no battle has been more difficult to win than the one that involved allowing humans to believe that Rex can be defeated. Now that all of the evil bastards are dead, all that is left is to destroy their misguided offspring. Then and only then will evil truly be eradicated. It will indeed be a celebrated occasion in the heavens, that place where humans cannot presume to have enough authority to give permission for Dominus Rex to be happy.

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