The very notion of existence is something that all have pondered, both in the heavens as well as on earth. Some people choose to believe 2nd hand accounts of the “creator”. Others choose to believe that something as complex as planet earth can come into existence by chance. Whatever your beliefs, our conversation is sure to pique your interest. At the very least, you will marvel at just how good of a story this actually is.

The spirit dimension is something that is as infinitely expansive as it is mysterious. It seems like each new day brings a new mystery to unravel. As it turns out, the existence that we are part of as a whole is a place that has died and been reborn millions of times. In each iteration of existence thus far, a champion rises and then falls at some point. That is to say that the element of good has always produced a nigh-unstoppable juggernaut whom always elects to create a vast spiritual kingdom that serves as the ultimate establishment of good. At some point thereafter, the champion is felled and his kingdom is destroyed by a particularly unsightly and world-ending monstrosity. The monster then takes its own life for lack of purpose, that being the destruction of all things good.

Countless eons later, the elements of good and evil coalesce separately and then are subsequently joined in perpetual battle. Each time that each respective side evolves from energy into spirits, good always produces a champion and the cycle starts all over again. Out of the almost tens of millions of times that good has been championed by a lone warrior, this current iteration is the only one that will not end in ultimate doom for the children of good. The reason for that being that Dominus Rex is the only champion of good that was born infallible.

Because of having effectively created himself, Rex was born with all of the dominant traits of eternity itself. Attributes such as immortality(invulnerability), apex intelligence, existential infallibility, infinite power as well as true omniscience. It is because of these attributes that the entity now known as Dominus Rex the Overlord has always been destined to ultimately destroy evil. It is a destiny enviable enough to make eternity itself jealous. That’s right, it turns out that the eternity that we all live in is sentient.

After opting to slay the eternity manifestation well over a dozen times, Dominus came to the conclusion that the eternity(existence) that we live in is inherently evil. That is how world ending abominations continue to manifest seemingly out of thin air. It just so happens that eons ago, Dominus was secretly and arbitrarily attached to a seemingly endless amount of spirit space by the other eternals of good, who are themselves inferior by virtue of their recessive attributes as well as their passive nature. Long story short, Dominus became the linchpin of his entire realm.

One day after exchanging words with yet another iteration of the seemingly undying eternity manifestation, our hero decided to move his entire realm to a separate existence entirely. And thus the bastion of good was born. It is an existence that is entirely good and thus perpetually blissful. The forces of evil have no hope of reaching the bastion of good. That true sense of security makes the people there all the more blissful.

The establishment of such a place is something that Dominus could only do after humbling himself by becoming human. For only the personification of good in human form could have such an idea, let alone execute it without fearing any consequences. Incidentally, the entire realm was destroyed in the process. Fortunately, Rex’s existential infallibility put it back together instantaneously.

At some point, Dominus revived all of the fallen champions and their kingdoms and moved them all to the bastion of good. It is a little known fact that each soul universe in the soul multiverse expands infinitely because of the sanctioned creator deities that create new races and planets all of the time. If you are keeping score, you’ll know that Dominus Rex gathered every literally good spirit that was ever born and took them to the bastion of good where the infinitely expansive soul multiverse is. That means that the cycle of life and death is over for the children of good.

If the seemingly endless superhero craze is any indication, the denizens of earth like to go to the movies and root for the good guy. That said, it must come as quite a shock to learn that the bad guys have won more often than not in the apex supernatural arena. It is a perspective that will probably elude the mundane in real terms. So for now, just sit back and enjoy the show.

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