Bastion of Good

In today’s world, everyone seems to root for the good guys. If Hollywood studios wanted to lose money on their investments, they would start pumping out movies where the good guy always dies at the end. Believe it or not, such a status quo is in fact an existential novelty of sorts. That is to say that the bad guys have always had the advantage on the existential level, until now. Today’s conversation will be about how good finally got the upper hand and why that matters to our world specifically.

As it turns out, evil ultimately destroying good has been the norm for countless eons. The very act of existing can only take place inside of a plane of existence. Come to find out, the existence that we were all born in(spiritually or otherwise) is both sentient and evil. The very notion of good versus evil started out as an internal function of the sentient plane of existence that we live in. Time after time, the element of good produced a champion who went on to create a kingdom of good. Time after time, the inherently evil plane of existence that we call home tipped the scaled in favor of evil. The “champion” of good would always fall and their kingdom was always subsequently destroyed.

If you have been paying attention, you’ll know that there is no number big enough to count all of the lost lives in each story arch. There have been millions(not quite tens of millions) of so called champions of good, and all have fallen but one. The supernatural entity now known as Dominus Rex the Overlord has finally broken that god awful cycle, and there is a very specific reason as to why.

All of the other so called champions of good were literally evolved forms of the totality of the primordial element of good. Conversely, our hero took the initiative and manifested himself into existence. Because of having done so, Dominus was born a perfect distillation of the most dominant attributes of eternity(existence) itself, one of which is existential infallibility. It literally means that the dominant king of eternity cannot go wrong.

If Rex wanted to go into battle blindfolded, he would slaughter countless enemies without having so much as a scratch on him after the fact. It also means that if he unknowingly tries to do something that is wrong or will have an adverse outcome, he will infallibly fail at said something. Infallibility is the reason that the inherently evil existence that we call home will never get the best of Dominus Rex. In fact, the archangel of contracts has slain eternity itself dozens of times. The only way to bring such an eons old conflict to an end will be to take all of the sons and daughters of good to another existence.

As luck would have it, that is precisely what our hero has done. Because of having become human, Dominus attempted to do that which any spirit(including himself) would have called impossible. He quite literally picked up the soul multiverse and moved it somewhere completely outside of the existence that we all currently find ourselves in. The radiant kingdom was actually destroyed in the process, but it was infallibly put back together instantaneously. At some point thereafter, he resurrected the millions of fallen kingdoms of good and moved them to what is now known as the bastion of good, a collection of every last good spirit that was ever born.

Because of having extracted the element of good from this existence entirely, the inherently evil existence that we currently call home will commit suicide because in the end, evil always destroys itself. The only reason that such an event has not already taken place is because out hero is currently on earth making plans for his prophesied love. As soon as the final exodus happens, evil will destroy itself entirely for lack of purpose. Basically, the most powerful champion of good ever had to willingly walk among the weakest and most helpless beings in all of creation in order to ultimately destroy evil once and for all. Poetic justice if there ever was any in this evil plane of existence that we currently call home.

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