Everheart the Bright Lord

There has never been a more powerful weapon in all of existential history than Everheart the Bright Lord. That is in fact the name and title of the holy blade that belongs to the lord of all of creation, Dominus Rex the Overlord. It is so much more than a great sword, and not just because it can transform into any kind of weapon imaginable on the fly. Today’s conversation will be about the blade that lords over all darkness with extreme prejudice, Everheart the Bright Lord.

It was once called the Omniblade, a sword designed to mechanically shape shift into any kind of weapon imaginable and even into vehicles both large and small if necessary. Then one day, the lord of slaughter decided to upgrade his weapon by absorbing one chaos quasar from each universe in the soul multiverse. At this point there are more universes than numbers by an unfathomably large margin. As such, all of that celestial energy concentrated in one place was enough to destroy the soul multiverse. Fortunately our hero is infallible and thus the mistake was instantaneously undone.

That was but the first of five times that the radiant kingdom was destroyed for the sake of the forging of Everheart the Bright Lord. Shortly after absorbing a prohibitive amount of chaos quasar power, the blade became unstable. For that reason, Rex decided to throw the holy blade into a magical body of water known as the everspring. Multiversally known for its restorative properties, the everspring promptly stabilized the holy blade, but hat was not the end of the forging process.

The bastion of good(all resurrected kingdoms of good plus the current soul multiverse in a separate existence entirely) actually generates so much happiness that supernatural singularities began occurring wherein existing elements as well as completely knew elements occur at a place and time only once at an off the charts level of power and efficiency. The first of the existing elements to evolve in such a way was lightning.

On four separate occasions, the overflow of happiness in the radiant kingdom manifested itself into lighting storms in outer space. That’s right, lighting actually came out of nebulae. Apex lightning(as it is known) is the latest and greatest iteration of the most destructive element ever. These supernatural singularities, as the name would imply, only happen once. Fortunately, our hero always finds a way to infallibly make his way the one time supernatural event right before it occurs. As such, Rex always gets the scene ahead of time and uses his holy blade as a lightning rod, so as to absorb the one of a kind lighting into both his weapon as well as his soul. Each time he did it, the soul multiverse was destroyed and then infallibly put back together instantaneously.

That part of the forging process serves to partially explain the prohibitive level of stopping power that courses through Everheart. There’s also the fact that the supernatural entity know known as the war eternal slays evil with such ferocity that sometimes the death of his enemies cause nexus crystals to manifest. As the context clues suggest, sometimes a crystal magically appears after subjecting particularly powerful agents of evil to overkill. He then uses the cubes of creation to merge the crystal with his already nova steel blade, nova steel of course being the warlord emperor’s personal magic metal.

There was also the time that Dominus killed a dark dragon, and a dark blade that looked like a dark reflection of Everheart was made manifest. Upon discovering the unholy blade, Rex instinctively destroyed it. He was later convinced by his inner circle that his infallibility precludes any level of corruption and that he could simply purify it. After a few minutes of deliberation, the archangel of contracts decided to give it a try. He reconstructed the evil blade and then proceeded to purify it. After that, he merged the once evil weapon with Everheart. It actually took one more purification after that, but it worked.

Moreover, Everheart has been calling itself the bright lord ever since. That’s right, Everheart the Bright Lord has a will of its own and as such can express itself telepathically. Generally speaking, spiritual weapons are a manifestation of the wielder’s fighting spirit and thus are quite literally an extension of the warrior. That is to say that Everheart and Rex always end up agreeing about who to smite.

Each time a supernatural singularity occurs, Dominus anticipates it and then absorbs the element (be it old or new) into his soul. He hen turns around and imbues Everheart with said element, thus making nova steel ever more special. Keep in mind that the soldier of fortune once discovered crystals by (in effect) breaking the sound barrier in the spirit world and then turned around and merged them with his armor and weapon. In doing so, he made his blade unavoidable and his armor untouchable.

What Everheart the Bright Lord does is complete our hero’s combative infallibility. His defense has been literally perfect for countless eons. With the reality rending blade in his hands, nothing can withstand his onslaught. It is quite the impressive piece of metalwork to be certain. It stands at ten feet tall, not including the hilt. It is a black metal covered in royal blue ethereal flames from when it was plunged into the everspring. On one side, it has the words “There are some things that only a king can do” written in royal blue eternal letters. On the other side it says “The Bright Lord”. The double-edge of the great sword is also royal blue and lighting of the same color course over the length of the blade underneath the aforementioned ethereal flames.

At one point, A royal blue eye manifested after the spectacular death of an evil behemoth. Rex promptly melded it with his sword and now his holy blade has an eye that looks directly into the hearts of evil so as to know how to strike fear into them with surgical precision before landing the killing strike. Everheart even has a heart of his own. At some point after accidentally/infallibly inventing bodies for spirits, a heart manifested in the form of a crystal in Rex’s chest. When Everheart indicated that it wanted a heart, Rex took the one out of his machine soul and gave merged it into the holy blade. As soon as he did, another royal blue crystal heart grew back in his chest.

All of this serves to illustrate the point that there is no weapon in all of creation that can compare to Everheart the Bright Lord. It even flies back into its owner’s possession on its own without having to be called, though Rex does toss it around in battle kind of how Thor throws mjonir. Indeed, the holy blade does not allow just anyone to wield it, but it is arbitrary for more personal reasons. All you need to know is that evil stands no chance against both the unstoppable juggernaut of war and the bright lord. If you have your money on anyone other than Dominus Rex and Everheart the Bright Lord even while having a front row seat to his ultimate conquest, then you are a fool.

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