The Warrior King’s Burden

There are some things that which transcend time in ways that the average soul simply cannot imagine. The warrior king’s burden is just such a thing. Many a time a champion hath risen, and just as many a time, a champion hath fallen. Countless times evil hath triumphed over good, more times than is desired, to be certain. Though the tale is about the (thus far) eternal struggle between good and evil, the outcome of such consequential conflicts hath nearly always turned out to be ironically unpopular in some places more than others. For what is more unpopular than knowing that truth and justice being on the side of good hath nearly never been enough to win the day?

The ongoing fight between good an evil has always been a task that is entrusted to only one. One champion to carry the hopes and dreams of the innocent and fight in the name of all that is good. One king responsible for the lives of literally countless souls. One soul who simply cannot know the peace of mind that everyone else can enjoy. Everyone wants to be the hero, until the gauntlet has been thrown. After that point, fate typically proves to be a much more fickle mistress than one would like.

To be a warrior king is to embrace the warrior’s madness. Rather than being that which is exoteric, the warrior’s madness is something known only to those who consider death their kin. Much as one would embrace a loved one or cherished a memory, a warrior king must embrace a madness that is known only to the rank and file. It is a spark of insanity that is akin to catching lightning in a bottle. It may seem like a good idea in theory, but implementing it in practice is a much trickier proposition.

To embrace a creed that the average soul will find frightening is to embrace that which everyone fears, choosing to closely resemble the enemy with regards to mutual hatred and even surpass them in terms of ferocity. Imagine for a moment what it is like to be responsible for people who are capable of underestimating the warrior king’s sacrifice. If you imagine for more than a moment, you will do your heart a disservice.

To walk the path of the lone champion is to expose one’s soul to ultimate evil time and again. The soul of the warrior king will thus be continually and adversely affected by evil in ways which the rest of the kingdom will simply not be. Far from being unappreciated by his subjects, the warrior king enjoys the acknowledgment of the people, but never their comradery. The sameness that is enjoyed by the masses, the rank and file and even the noteworthy generals is not something that a warrior monarch may enjoy in earnest.

One must charge toward adversity that other’s of perhaps similar status and privilege will always avoid. It is to know that others will never have the wherewithal to repay one’s kindness. It is to know that one must do that which others cannot and therefore expect less than reciprocal gestures from others now and forevermore. Most people know not to unnecessarily add to a warrior king’s burden. Somehow, that does little to lessen the load that such weary shoulders must always carry without exception. The status quo hath been thus since time immemorial, and so it remains.

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