The War Eternal (2nd Edition)

For whom the bell tolls, it is the issue at hand. The war eternal rages on, for the sake of the land. To find life’s meaning on the battlefield is to find solace in carnage. As each story unfolds, each ever moving onward towards fate’s embrace. Ever striving to clash loudly enough to echo through eternity. To make one’s mark on the cosmos in such a way is testament to righteous revelry indeed. Heed the words of an ancient warrior and live to fight another day.

When the thunderous applause becomes a weapon unto itself, charge forward and seize the day. Without thought of the morrow, for the enemy it shall never come to pass. With great regard for the ebb and flow of the battle, move hither and yon dispensing your justice. Meet us there, where fate clashes with destiny and cause is verified. Friend or foe becomes a moot point when one stands alone. Even at the head of an army, the front remains the same.

Strike with conviction, so that the heavens will reverberate with the sound of your might. Knowing full well that one’s cause is righteous, there can be no principle stronger. May your blade strike true, so that thy enemies will fall. However grand the intention, the thought must inevitably be made manifest. If actions speak louder, ponder the meaning of silence for eternity.

War is a cruel mistress indeed, for hell hath no fury. Falling into death’s embrace with the best of intentions, but falling nonetheless. It is to delight in the ultimate suffering of evil, all the while refusing to suffer fools along the way. The eternal clash between good and evil is a war that has raged on since time immemorial and even before then. Always knowing the why and especially the when.

Rally to the banner of your heart, even if one must fight alone. To pay the bloody toll that happiness entails, there is only one option. March on, keep your rhythm even if it has to be only ever unto thyself. Shout your battle cry if that be thy style. Proclaim your truth and then make it so. Express your virtue by silencing the clashing of steel with thunderous impact so that thy enemies will die terrified. Have you the virtue necessary for the task at hand? Given the benefit of the doubt, a moment should suffice.

For whom the bell tolls, where the ravens may feast. The war eternal rages on, for better or worse. Knowing full well that evil shall not prevail, it makes it easy to enjoy the moment even if it is marked by bloodshed. Have you the kingly pride to wage such a war? Answer the question unto thyself alone and see if it is enough to sate thy curiosity. Honor is something that is perhaps easy to identify but not quite as easy to emulate. Shall you behave like a pretender to the throne, or shall thy bloodline be exalted forevermore? Write your own story, and see if you have what it takes to slake the blade of requiems once and for all.

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