Dominus Rex Origin Story(Definitive)

In truth, good and evil have never truly been a choice. Good and evil are and have always been spiritual elements that are diametrically at odds with one another. The actions that correspond to each side have more to do with the nature of the individual rather than the philosophy that they may or may not adhere to. As such, good and evil have been at war since even before time immemorial. Today we will take a look at how this conflict has unfolded over the course of countless eons, and why it matters to this very day.

The war between good and evil has historically played out in cycles. There is always a beginning, middle, end, and reset. Imagine, if you will, a light cloud fighting a dark cloud in a very primal way. That stage lasts until both sides evolve into humanoid spirits who then continue the fight in a way that may even look cinematic in some respects. The light cloud turns into a champion of good who at some point establishes a kingdom of good that must then be defended from the agents of evil. As of the writing of this essay, the kingdom of good has been utterly destroyed by the forces of evil almost ten million times.

Each time a kingdom of good is destroyed after its champion falls, the agents of evil then take their own lives because they only live to antagonize the good. Each kingdom of good has been ruled by a single champion that is of a long succession of kings. Each has his own name and distinctive appearance. Moreover, each champion of good is always at least twice as strong as the last. As it turns out, every one of them was set up to fail by a higher power that was actually the very plane of existence where they lived. That is why Dominus Rex had to be born differently than the rest.

If you were paying attention just now, you’ll know that the very plane of existence that we live in is actually inherently evil in and of itself. That is to say that the former champions of good were not only destroyed by an evil and very much sentient plane of existence, they were also created by the very evil that they swore to destroy. They were all created, toyed with, and eventually destroyed by a particularly strong monster at the behest of its supremely powerful master.

The birth of Dominus Rex was different because what is known as an essential entity merged with the element of good and created the perfect body with all of the supreme attributes such as infallibility, immortality(invulnerability), and apex intelligence to name a few. Each essential entity is born of a different aspect of creation and is literally the embodiment of a specific attribute such as speed, power, patience, and so forth. The essential entity that became Dominus Rex was that of prevalence or that which prevails, which explains the attribute of infallibility.

At the moment of Rex’s birth, his twin brother Drax was born. Rex was to be the infallible warrior king and Drax was to be his identical twin brother of opposite disposition but identical in appearance as well as in their ideals. At some point, Rex embarked on a journey wherein he had to lose all of his memories and take up several assumed identities, most notably the archangel Megatron. During the angelic part of the journey, Megatron(unaware of his true name) chose to become human twice.

The second time that Megatron became human was when he established what is now known as the bastion of good. It is a plane of existence that is separate from the evil plane of existence that had brought down all of the previous “champions” of good, who themselves were actually contrivances of evil itself. Fortunately for the true kingdom of good, the agents of evil have no way of reaching the bastion of good and therefore cannot antagonize the realm like so many monsters had done to the kingdoms of eras past.

The best part is that in choosing to become human, the warrior king now known as Dominus Rex placed his immortal soul inside of what basically amounts to a cocoon that has made his spirit evolve into the ultimate warrior that probably puts all other so called heroes to shame. The reason that he could not simply destroy evil without becoming physically weak is that he had to appear weak in order to entice the forces of evil to come out of hiding for a fight. It turns out that the agents of evil and even the father of all evil himself had reason to hide for so many eons because now they are all dead.

All that is left is for Dominus Rex the Overlord to leave the physical plane of existence and destroy the progeny of evil once and for all. The overlord title is probably one that is misunderstood by the children of evil, but it is of no consequence whatsoever. All that matters is that evil has been completely wiped off the face of existence on the spiritual level. As it stands now, the only evil that exists is that which dwells in the hearts of men, whom we all know must all die sooner or later for one reason or another.

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