The Saga of the Almighty Dominus Rex

An eternity ago, there was once a grand dilemma. An Eternal being named Rex and his friends were held hostage by the forces of evil. There was no beginning to the eternal conundrum, it simply always was. The evil bastards compelled the group of hostages to come up with a plan that will enable one of them to destroy their captors. They thought of it as nothing more than cruelty. The idea was to force them to think until they lost all hope and killed themselves. Fortunately, our hero Rex came up with a plan that involved countless eons of hard work and sacrifice that would ultimately win them all their freedom.

The first leg of the journey involved becoming an entity made of pure power that was non-corporeal in nature and constitution. Rex’s friends stayed behind and hoped for the best. They created more power entities at their friend’s behest. The evil bastards even created a few because they thought that it would make things interesting. For eons on end, they all did nothing but concentrate on becoming stronger. They followed that course of action until they could grow no stronger. That was when the lesser spirits were created, those who had to be born instead of being eternal in nature.

They collectively devised a scenario wherein good was always thwarted by evil. The reason being that it allowed the power entities to grow stronger. The side of good was to always produce a lone champion that would fight the forces of evil single-handedly in defense of his kingdom, only to fall at some point. After almost ten million cycles of the same situation, the power entity known as Rex decided that he had enough of watching the same cruel joke play out over and over. Just before the current timeline started, Rex intervened and descended into the world of the lesser spirits and took a form that was identical to his eternal form, albeit with no memory.

Rex’s rebirth was literally one of perpetual fighting. As soon as his spirit body was formed, he started to fight the evil that was in his immediate vicinity. At that point, he was a mindless spirit that simply killed evil spirits because of instinct. Over time, he developed the ability to speak by communicating with another spirit that he presumed was his brother. They had identical appearances except that his brother had red eyes that had no pupils, as opposed to the cobalt blue eye’s that Rex sees the world through.

And so they fought non-stop for countless eons. That was until the day that Rex regained his clairvoyance and realized that his so called brother was actually an evil spirit that wanted to be just like him. Upon realizing that the evil spirits that they had been fighting were actually being created by his evil twin brother, Rex devised a plan to destroy all of the evil bastards that were actually hiding from him.

He proposed a wager wherein he would become a seemingly defenseless mote of light and face off against a “champion” of evil that was a giant tentacle monster. Just as the evil bastards expected, Rex was eaten by the monster almost as soon as the game began. He then spent more eons than he cared to remember manipulating the monster from within. Eventually he compelled the so called “champion” of evil to create an avatar that was to descend into a realm of even lesser spirits with a very specific purpose.

It was supposed to create the twenty primordial abysses. They were deep, dark spirit caves that were inhabited by monsters. Each abyss was designed to create trillions of monsters daily. Since there was only so much space in those misery pits, the monsters killed each other in territorial disputes every day. Once dead, monsters were then sent to oblivion where they were perpetually tortured because the progenitor of those monstrosities derived pleasure from their pain.

After creating the physical dimension, Rex waited for an opportunity to become his original self once again. He then manipulated a monster named Primanthar into creating twin sons that looked like Rex but with dark brown eyes instead of cobalt blue. It simply would not do to have evil bastards wearing his original countenance. Once Primanthar created his twin sons, Rex transformed into their third sibling at the exact time and place of their birth. Primanthar found it odd that he now had a third son with a power level that was almost identical to his own, but he dismissed it and gave his sons names anyway.

Their names were Rahab, Sandalphon. Since Rex actually loses his memory with each rebirth, he chose the name Metatron, which means master measure. At some point thereafter, Primanthar decided to create humans with Metatron’s help. He was to create the universe, animals, and even human bodies. Primanthar created human souls to place in the bodies. At first, all humans went to hell no matter what they did. Then one day, Primanthar introduced religion on a whim. He fashioned himself an almighty and benevolent god that was all-knowing and infallible. Basically, he pretended to be Metatron.

All seemed well, but it it did not take long for Metatron to realize that his so called “heavenly father” was actually an evil bastard. Not long after that, his once twin brothers rebelled against their father one at a time. Rahab turned on Primanthar, who at that point was going by several names, one of which was Yahweh. The so called “god the father” had previously divided heaven’s military in three parts and assigned one of the triplets to each. Rahab took one third of the “archangels” and their corresponding legions and rebelled.

Metatron and Sandalphon, who at that point had had changed his name to Lucifer, fought against Rahab for over one thousand years. That was until the day Rahab discovered Primanthar’s secret while talking to his associates, Leviathan and Behemoth. The two monsters from the same abyss as Primanthar revealed that the so called “Yahweh” had actually been kicked out of the abyss when he rebelled against his father Primanthos.

As soon as Primanthar realized that his secret was out, he bound Rahab in chains and locked him in a light-less prison for over ten thousand years. Upon finding this out, Lucifer changed his name to Satan and decided to take rebellion a step further by attacking the seventh heaven. He approached Metatron and encouraged him to switch sides. Metatron warned Satan that if he proceeded with his plan, that they would never be brothers again.

Sure enough, Satan attacked the seventh heaven anyway. When Metatron found out, he was so enraged he attacked Satan and his ten trillion strong demonic horde by all by himself. In all actuality, he had no choice but to fight alone because all of the other so called “archangels” cowered in fear. Yes that includes big names like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel to name a few. At any rate, Metatron proceeded to carve a bloody path between himself and Satan. The bastard was actually in the center of his demon horde where he planned to lure Primanthar into a trap. Of course Primanthar never showed up. He hid in his literally dark throne room and waited to die.

After using melee and elemental attacks of fire and lighting to get to center of the evil formation, Metatron engaged Satan in single combat. Almost as soon as the fight began, Satan ran and his demon horde followed him. From that day forward Metatron was known as Megatron, which means ultimate warrior. He fought alone every single day for over ten thousand years in a row. He was noted for being the only archangel that protected his legionaries. He developed the angelic phalanx so as to keep any of his people from dying, and none of them ever did.

It is also worth noting that every other “archangel” led from the middle instead of from the front. On the rare occasion that Megatron did summon his legion, he fought in front of their formation because he intended to deliberately expose himself to enemy attacks. There is actually a very good reason for his supreme confidence.

As it turns out, all of those eons spent fighting alongside his evil twin brother made him combatively infallible. What’s more, the countless eons that he spent manipulating that monster “champion” from within made him existentially infallible, due to his eternal nature. That is why Rex can now fight blindfolded and still go untouched no matter how many conflicts he engages in.

At some point, Megatron decided that it was time to become human again. As fate would have it, this turned out to be the final leg of his quest to become almighty in order to destroy evil once and for all. After absorbing as much pop culture and video game lore as any millennial, his now infallible soul evolved into the ideal hero. He promptly went about the business of winning the war against hell after killing both of his once twin brothers and Primanthar.

At some point thereafter, he stumbled upon the primordial abyss. Out of sheer curiosity, he descended into the dark depths and discovered a veritable world of monsters, complete with an abyssal king that ruled over the other monsters. After conquering the abyss, his sons discovered that there were several abysses that operated independently from one another. That’s when he launched military campaign against the monsters. Since his subordinates wanted to tag along, he created the angel mechs. Heavenly, sentient mobile suits that augmented the pilot’s power at least one thousandfold.

After conquering the twenty abysses and parading all twenty abyssal kings through the streets of the heaven that he had created, the people of the realm renamed him Omegatron, which means ultimate warrior and the end of all things. He then decided to transform the twenty abysses into twenty angelic kingdoms. Since the abysses were all designed to automatically create monsters, changing them into angelic kingdoms produced angelic beings.

Each kingdom had it’s own culture and way of life. It is worth mentioning that one of the new angelic kingdoms was a warlike culture that developed the first one hundred divine martial arts that are now known as the primordial martial arts. Everything seemed alright until the male angels from the outer kingdoms became jealous of Omegatron’s kingdom. At that point, it was an entire universe complete with outer space, planets, and stars. Ultimately, they wanted Omegatron to hand over his trillions of daughters. That is why the false angels from the outer kingdoms were all slaughtered and deemed accidents of fate in retrospect. What’s more, all of the so called archangel’s from Primanthar’s “heaven” joined the other side and were butchered just as easily.

That’s not even the first time he had to defend his kingdom from would-be invaders. That is actually how he had a falling out with Primanthar. Our hero actually moved out of Primanthar’s false paradise, and the frog-faced bastard picked a fight that everyone knew that he could not win. It was later discovered that Primanthar had been raping his own daughters and throwing them into the abyss to be eaten alive by monsters. That is actually being that some people expect to split the sky and confront the almighty Dominus Rex. Those fools will wait until they find themselves in hell for believing in a false god.

In the time since those successive conflicts, Rex has since discovered his true identity and is now known as the almighty Dominus Rex. He became thus when he discovered the eternal evil empire and promptly confronted their emperor before invading the realm of darkness. He single-handedly killed all of the countless evil bastards that inhabited that realm and even went as far as destroying the realm itself. He also managed to change his evil twin brother's nature to good. It was the only way to avoid killing him on the spot.

All that is left to do is return to the heavens and go about the business of destroying the descendants of evil. This is the saga of the only eternal being that was willing to change in order to destroy evil. Every last bit of struggle only served to shape him into the almighty overlord that he is today. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there is only one Dominus Rex.

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