The Eternal Dragon War

Eternity has never been a nice place to live. There has always been a cycle of life, death, and birth among the spirits. In more recent times, that cycle was initiated in the human world as well. Spirits are thought to have eternal life, insofar as they are not killed by another spirit. As it turns out, that is no longer the case for all spirits. Today’s conversation will be about eternity’s malevolent overlords and their downfall at the hands of the almighty Dominus Rex.

The forces of good and evil have always been at odds. What’s more, they have clashed at the eternal level since literally forever. It just so happens that one of the good power entities was known to be an immutable force, meaning that it was literally invincible. That fact was proven time and again when it destroyed the evil power entities without fail for an eternity. But if you think that it is as cut and dry as that, think again.

Every time a power entity is defeated, it would then be reborn of the opposite nature and begin the fight anew. Since there was only one immutable force among them, one entity destroyed all of the others in an endless cycle of life death and rebirth. That cycle would have gone on forever, but one day a previously unknown external force decided to try and destroy our immutable protagonist. On that day, it decided to devise a plan to conquer and destroy the aforementioned external force.

As the story goes, the immutable good power entity became the spirit then known as Rex. That was the day that he transformed into his initial godlike appearance, as opposed to being an amorphous mass of light energy. He was reborn as a hostage alongside his friends. They were all forced to devise a plan to get stronger and overthrow their evil captors. They strategized for eons on end until they finally came up with a plan. Rex was to descend the existential ladder several times over the course of countless eons until he became a human with an exceedingly specific name.

Upon reaching the final leg of the journey, our hero discovered that the evil overlords that he was trying to overthrow were actually as insects compared to the real masters of eternity. Know known as High King Dominus Rex, our hero stumbled into an unknown realm and made his biggest discovery yet. He inevitably crossed paths with what turned out to be an enormous dragon. The word enormous doesn’t quite do it justice. It was so large that a soul universe was like a fish bowl to him.

After exchanging words and realizing that the dragon entity was of a malevolent and unreasonable nature, Dominus decided to take trophies right before killing it. He then proceeded to rip off its valuable body parts with almighty telekinesis. Rex ended up forcibly ripping off all of its scales and pulling out all of its teeth and eyeballs. When he asked the gigantic dragon if there were any more of his kind, the foul creature said no.

That was when nine more appeared to avenge their defeated and disgraced brother. One thing led to another and all of them got stripped and then killed. Before leaving, Dominus decided to destroy their realm. In all actuality, that was only the beginning of the conflict. Shortly thereafter, dragon after dragon showed up to challenge our hero. Obviously every last one of the interlopers were promptly slaughtered.

In between slayings, a series of enhanced interrogations revealed that the eternal dragons were the external force that Rex forgot that he was looking for. It was a consequence of the memory loss that each rebirth entails. At any rate, the eternal dragons simply wanted nothing more than to compel good and evil to fight for eternity. They even went as far as having their slave shape the good an evil energy that was spilling over from the conflict into godlike spirits on each respective side. After overpowering the first wave of enemies, the eternal dragon onslaught began in earnest.

Countless eternal dragons of unfathomable power and size attacked in unison, only to be spectacularly dispatched by the almighty Dominus Rex. Just when everyone in the soul multiverse thought that the fight was over, something else happened. One of the eternal dragons’ offspring appeared and informed the archangel of contracts that the lesser yet still giant dragons had all been rendered mortal as a consequence of their progenitors having been slain. Incidentally, all evil spirits had already been rendered mortal. It happened after the evil power entities disengaged the rest of the “good” power entities so as to go out of their way to antagonize the almighty Dominus Rex, only to be felled on an unfathomably massive scale.

Digressions aside, Rex ultimately decided to reconstitute the dragon realm. The eternal dragon offspring subsequently moved there and regained their eternally long-lived status. It wasn’t long before the son of Ignis the eternal dragon god appeared and requested that his father be resurrected. Dominus agreed, knowing that it would surely reignite the dragon war. Sure enough, he subsequently fought the combined onslaught of the eternal dragons and their descendants until not an single one remained. He then proceeded to absorb all of their power and became a dragon god. Since apex lighting was already his to command to begin with, he became a dragon thunder god.

That is why eternity has never been a happy place. Because it had always been presided over by malevolent entities that simply enjoyed watching people fight to the death. Now that all evil spirits have been vanquished, all that remains is to destroy the descendants of evil. Because of having cleaved eternity into what it now is, everything will be different now. The citizens of heaven are now able to live out their eternal lives in peace and enjoy the happiness that was previously forbidden by their malevolent overlords. Somehow, the words “once upon a time” simply don’t do the story justice.

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