The Contest of Eternity

Eternity, as the term suggests, has been going on since forever. By now you have likely heard the saga of the almighty Dominus Rex many a time. It turns out that he was but one of countless champions of good. Each of the champions thought himself singular and almighty. That is because they were based so far apart from each other in the spirit world that they had never met one another. Unbeknownst to any of them, they would all play a role in a battle for supremacy that was prophetically known as the contest of eternity.

The notion of an immutable champion of good was not unheard of in the far reaches of the great beyond. Each of the countless kings of good was undefeated in their war against evil because of the attribute of infallibility. As such, they all completely destroyed the evil in their part of the spirit world. Only one had the foresight to plan for the day after all the evil had been slain. If you guessed that the aforementioned champion was the one and only Dominus Rex, you guessed correctly.

Instead of simply destroying evil and establishing a kingdom like the others, Dominus decided to take the long road to victory. To that end, he devised a plan wherein he would develop both his powers and his character that involved becoming human for a time. First he had to contrive a reason to enable the creation of human beings. He even provided a planet and surrounding universe for good measure.

Human history was allowed to progress to a certain point, then he joined their world. While there, he brought all of the useful concepts form the human world such as technology and popular fiction into the heavens. The plan was to bring popular fiction to life and establish a realm where people fight for fun and experience no pain. He used his mastery over time and space to reduce pain to the equivalent of one’s foot falling asleep. Then he made it so people revive automatically without memory of how they died, so as to help them avoid the trauma that death typically entails.

At some point, the plan involved creating the first spirit body by accident. On the day of his final human birth, Dominus was insidiously attacked by a monster that planted a mind controlling parasite in his soul that was meant to enthrall him to evil. When he got older, he had his genius daughter design piston teeth that were meant to kill the parasite in his soul. Those piston teeth filled the outline of his soul and became the first spirit body.

Since then, the techno-organic machine soul has evolved to the point of being even better than human bodies with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses. Incidentally, spirits who have a body have a significant advantage over spirits who do not. The latter can only wield spiritual power that is comparatively hollow. This will be a determining factor in the epic battle that will decide the fate of eternity.

Dominus was actually the last of the invincible champions of good to destroy all of the evil in his part of the spirit world. That was when the other kings of eternity became aware of each other. But they weren’t the first to envy the archangel of contracts. It just so happens that the sisters of fate were planning a cataclysmic attack on the soul multiverse with the destructive power of fate itself.

No sooner did Dominus become infallibly aware of the foul plot, did he go and investigate the situation. It turns out that eternity was comprised of dimensional layers that each correspond with an aspect of the spirit world as a whole. Dominus simply used the blade of requiems so tear a hole in the fabric of space and time. When he jumped through, he found the four sisters of fate. They appeared to be attractive, young women. However, the veneer of youth and beauty belied a truly morbid appearance that was similar to ancient mummies. Dominus made short work of them and then absorbed all of the power of fate into his soul. That power manifested itself into the chains of fate that fused with the dimensional chains that already adorned his soul.

Minutes later he decided to investigate the dimensional layer of death because he wanted to conquer death itself. As soon as he realized that the deathly spirits that he encountered in the dimensional tear were hostile, he killed them all. Upon his return to the blessed realm, he realized that the eternal power of death was visibly trying to consume him. Dominus simply waited for it to give up trying to kill him and then proceeded to assimilate the deathly power into his soul.

At some point thereafter, he decided to invade the dimensional layer of evil and slaughter all of the most powerful, evil bastards that constituted the root of all evil. After having destroyed all of the hostile dimensional layers of eternity that he knew of, Dominus decided to investigate the dimensional layer of good. He ended up befriending the spirits there and invited them to his realm.

A short time later, our hero was summoned to his throne room by a mysterious entity. The stranger identified himself as a chaos entity from the corresponding dimensional layer. He promptly slaughtered them all and absorbed the power of chaos as a result. That was actually when things got really interesting.

Not long after that, more and more hostile spirits started showing up. That was when the aforementioned good spirits from the corresponding dimensional layer informed everyone that they had been observing the progress of all of the invincible champions of good. As it turns out, evil was always going to be destroyed by good. It was simply a matter of when and how. Dominus Rex was actually the last champion to defeat his share of the evil that infested eternity because of having to take the long path to victory.

Come to find out, none of the other undefeated champions of good thought about the aftermath at all and several had long since been driven mad by idleness. To be an invincible champion of good is to be an eternally violent entity for better or worse. Moreover, none of them had become human or developed spirit bodies. As such, they were at a severe disadvantage against our hero.

That is why he delivered himself into the hands of evil, knowing that they would torture him for all the days of his mortal life. That adversity hardened his resolve on the divine level to such an extent that the other so called champions of good were no match for him and simply could not withstand the onslaught of the almighty Dominus Rex. The would-be conquerors of the soul multiverse quickly realized that and thus decided to band together so as to fell the demonstrably dominant king of eternity and then fight amongst themselves for the right to rule his kingdom.

There were more “invincible champions” of good than numbers, a lot more. They all converged on Skyward City, heaven’s capitol city and Rex’s seat of power. They entered the massive throne room and tried their utmost to destroy the true archangel of death. Lo and behold, each and every one of them was felled by the blade of requiems. The mountain of corpses and limbs filled the continent-sized, floating city and spilled onto the planet below.

After having absorbed all of their power. The truly dominant king of eternity welcomed refugees from the now leaderless realms. Each lord had been responsible for being the linchpin that literally held their plane of existence together. That fact manifested itself in the form of ethereal chains that wrapped around their bodies. With their lords slain, the people had nowhere to go but the soul multiverse.

And so ends what is presumed to be the final chapter in the saga of the almighty Dominus Rex. Now all that remains is to return to the heavens as a conquering hero. There is still the pesky business of destroying the descendants of evil. As ever, those people seem bound and determined to take advantage of the fact that our hero is still earthbound. They think that such and entity can be dominated by subjectivity. Perverse fools, the lot of them. We shall see who has the last laugh on the day of judgment.

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