Dominant King of Eternity

Eternity has never been a happy place. It has been ruled by the council of eternity since literally forever. As such, they have long since decreed that everything that is born must eventually die. In case you were wondering, that included spirits. Fortunately for the true kingdom of heaven, High King Dominus Rex has since subjugated the council of eternity and the rules have been forever changed for the better.

The council of eternity was comprised of three entities that shared a consciousness. One was male and two were female because both masculine and feminine perspectives had to be represented. Long ago, they decreed that everything that is born must eventually die. To that end, they created Gargantuas the destroyer. He is essentially a giant reptilian beast with cataclysmic levels of destructive power. He was tasked with destroying everything that crossed his path, while the council of eternity created more people to replace the dead.

After High King Dominus Rex won the contest of eternity, the council decided that he had set himself up to have an eternity of too much fun. Having witnessed the taming of Gargantuas by Dominus, the council then decided to send a colossus after him next. There were, in fact, twin juggernauts of immense size and power. The first was promptly felled by the archangel of contracts and the second just as easily.

The next three were also bested, despite the fact that they each dwarfed their predecessor’s power. With each successive victory, Dominus absorbed more and more power. It eventually got to the point where he had absorbed so much power that the very notion of power became redundant. In other words, he became infinitely powerful.

At some point shortly thereafter, our hero found himself standing before the council of eternity. One thing led to another and before long they were all in chains before the throne of the almighty Dominus Rex on their knees. They were subsequently beheaded and usurpation of eternity was complete, almost.

The trio re-manifested the next day, but they were singing an altogether different tune. They kindly explained that the state of their existence had an effect on all of eternity. What they failed to mention was that the power of eternity had to properly pass from them to Dominus, effectively ending their existence in the process. Since they had adopted an amenable disposition when prompted, the warlord emperor decided to take their essence while leaving their consciousness inside of state of the art spirit bodies.

Thus the dominant king of eternity was crowned yet again. The evolution of this particular soul culminated in perfection. Even his countenance has changed to such a dramatic effect that it looks like he has become an entirely different person. The fact that Dominus was the only one of the infallible kings of good to start a journey that involved suffering at the hands of evil for countless eons is something that should not be taken for granted.

To be infallible is to do everything perfect by nature. That means finishing every task to completion involuntarily after the task has begun, even if the aforementioned task involves unfathomable heartache. None of the other rulers of the kingdoms of good ever considered using their infallibility to that effect. In other words, it took courage to begin a journey that had involved being tortured by humans for a long time. Now the worst is actually over, for the kingdom of heaven anyway.

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