The elements that exist in the human world have existed in the spirit world since time immemorial. But there are many more that you have not even heard of that never became a mainstay of eternity. As of the writing of these words, all of the elements that ever existed to one capacity or another have been combined into one quintessential element. They were thus combined by the almighty Dominus Rex for reasons that you may struggle to fathom.

Events known as cosmic singularities are when elements come into existence for a moment and then disappear forever. For one cosmic reason or another, eternity simply cannot sustain most elements that come into existence and they disappear. It just so happens that all of the elements that ever existed merged with the bright soul known as Dominus Rex and collectively became known as quintessence.

The catalyst for this elemental convergence was the temporary humanity of our hero. Supernatural entities by definition do not change. Conversely, humans are naturally inclined to change with the times and survive with ingenuity. Thus the decision to become human eventually triggered Rex’s infallible attribute and he unconsciously pulled every element ever into his constitution.

The supernatural phenomenon made Dominus the ultimate cosmic entity. What’s more, now all cosmic energy passes through him and his soul acts as a filter of sorts. For that reason, he is able to muster the infinite power of eternity in an instant. That bodes well for the citizens of heaven, not so well for the remnants of evil.

Dominus can also use all of the elements that quintessence is comprised of separately and to maximum effect. For example, his apex lightning is now infinitely stronger. That is worth noting because they call it apex lightning for a reason. That reason being that nothing has ever survived a lightning strike delivered by the almighty Dominus Rex.

He has since used a metallic form of quintessence to reforge his great sword Everheart. Moreover, his armor is made of quintessence mesh because he wanted it to look like clothing. Naturally his twin pistols, Azure and Crimson, are now made of metallic quintessence as well. The changing of the properties that his gear is made of denotes a significant upgrade in both power and durability.

It also indicates that there are no more plausible, existential threats to the true kingdom of heaven. Every last would-be destroyer of heaven has been promptly laid low by the almighty Dominus Rex. It is worth noting that his nature precludes thinking of himself as someone who can be beaten.

That is precisely what makes him strong where others are weak. His loved ones watch on and fear for his life, understandably so. Perhaps it is for the best that people think thus. It simply would not do to take such a momentous effort for granted. Imagine the quintessential cosmic entity walking among inferior beings that think to dominate his life with subjectivity. Better yet, don’t imagine anything quite that outrageous.

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