The True Archangel of Death

The angels of death have always served a very specific purpose in the heavens. Having one’s soul removed by one of them is typically meant to be a kindness. It is supposed to be way better than anticipating slow death or dying violently. There have been biblical examples of when the angels of death were deployed as a form of punishment, but such cases are few and far between. The true archangel of death however, got that moniker by being the most efficient killer in all of eternity.

There is such a thing as a deathly spirit. That is to say that there are spirits who quite literally live for death. Most of them actually just like to observe death. The more death they can observe, the happier they are. Single death is to chuckle as massacre is to hysterical laughter and so on.

The very notion of the grim reaper in our world was inspired by deathly spirits that look exactly like the iconic reaper that we see in popular culture today. They simply wanted people to know what they looked like. That kind of thing is important to some spirits. Observing human behavior that is demonstrably correlated to their existence makes some spirits feel very good about themselves, however fleeting the moment.

At any rate, the entity known as the true archangel of death is none other than the almighty Dominus Rex. Having become an archangel after one of his seven rebirths, he then proceeded to rack up the highest body count in all of eternity. Between celestial warfare and punishment of unwary mortals, Dominus has killed more souls than there are numbers to count them by an unfathomably wide margin.

Furthermore, he became a deathly spirit when he declared himself death on the battlefield after countless eons of celestial warfare. At some point thereafter, he began slaughtering deathly spirits and absorbing their their energy into his soul. In doing so, he became so grim that he can now switch back and forth between his archangel form and his reaper form seamlessly.

Thus he became known as the true archangel of death. What’s more, he has been observed by deathly spirits who have enjoyed watching him kill since forever. That is because Dominus is actually an eternal being that did not have to be born in the first place. That is why he has been slaying evil spirits since literally forever.

This very unique set of facts bodes well for the citizens of heaven. High King Dominus Rex has conquered death and now his people do not have to fear it. The agents of evil however, are all doomed to die violently at some point.

It is evil nature to want to kill good. It just so happens that slaughtering evil is the true archangel of death’s favorite thing to do. Even before becoming deathly in nature, Dominus was known as the archangel of contracts and still is to this very day. That is because anyone who faces him is as good as dead. They say that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. A lot of people die by the sword even if they do not live by it. Some idiots even try to kill a person’s mind so that the body will follow. If what goes around comes around, let’s see just how much of a bitch karma really is.

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