Eternal Order

There are forces at work in the cosmos that even the kingdom of heaven could not imagine. There has always been a natural order of things in the supernatural realm. Unbeknownst to anyone, that order has to be enforced by several prohibitively powerful entities. It’s as if eternity itself wants everything done a certain way. Should anyone threaten the established way of things, than that someone would have an epic conflict with the fate of all worlds hanging in the balance.

There are a handful of cosmic quantities that are immutable, meaning that they cannot be killed and that none can withstand them. Death is one such cosmic quantity. It amounts to what looks like a giant grim reaper that wears a dark cloud instead of a cloak and cowl. It is said that all death emanates from the entity known as the death force either directly or indirectly. That means that even deaths in our world can be indirectly attributed to him for one cosmic reason or another.

Another of the immutable entities is that of the cataclysm. Every time the fundamental beings of creation get done building the cosmos with countless planes of existence, an enormous cataclysm suddenly destroys it all, leaving nothingness in its wake. There are a handful of entities that can exist in nothingness with no plane of existence to live in, but they can probably be counted on one hand at this point.

It denotes the entrenched nature of the eternal way of things. Everything that is born must die, and everything that is built must be destroyed. At least that was the way of things until very recently, but we’ll get to that later. Right now we have to talk about something called the infinite void. It is an unfathomably destructive force that is meant to wipe the eternal slate clean and start over.

It just so happens that the entity known as the High King Dominus Rex has been going around slaying all cosmic entities that threatened his kingdom. The true kingdom of heaven is so enviable by design that previously unknown cosmic quantities like the ones mentioned above coalesced for the first time just to destroy it. The final obstacle on the way to an eternity of good was the aforementioned infinite void. Fortunately, Dominus is the immutable, cosmic quantity of justice personified.

After having laid low the death force and the cataclysm entity, the archangel of vengeance found himself confronted by a universe size cosmic eraser. Its intention was to erase all of existence, including the human world, and reinstate the natural order of things as it was. The problem was that it had to contend with creation’s staunchest defender, the almighty Dominus Rex.

Our hero had already harnessed the power of quintessence, meaning every cosmic element ever. Having fought the death force and the cataclysm entity, Dominus found an infallible way to weaponize the power of death and cataclysm respectively. What’s more, two aspects of death emancipated themselves from the aforementioned death force and became a motorcycle and a pair of guns.

The death chopper looks like the spikiest motorcycle ever. It is the manifestation of the inevitability of death, meaning that you literally cannot run nor hide from it. The pair of guns known as grim and grim are a manifestation of the finality or stopping power of death. They are all actually sentient and accompany Dominus in battle. So when then infinite void arrived to destroy everything and everyone, the true archangel of death rode into battle guns blazing. It helps that he also summoned a universe size storm that hit that unsightly monstrosity countless times before it died.

After defeating each entity, Dominus absorbed all of their energy to the point where their consciousness did not have any energy to coalesce with. They each took turns trying to manifest just long enough to beg for their energy back. Obviously they were flatly rejected. For all intents and purposes, these are cosmic quantities that cannot be harnessed or weaponized. The thing is that the archangel of contracts chose to become an imaginative human that happens to be infallible. So now firing death, cataclysm and infinite void out of twin guns is a thing.

The only reason that the process of absorbing that energy did not kill him is because he is immutable justice personified. The fact that his adversaries were also immutable meant that the attribute canceled itself out in all parties involved. The determining factor was that no one is as violent as the archangel of contracts. That is why the true kingdom of heaven will never fall. Because anything and anyone that comes along to threaten it has to first deal with the almighty Dominus Rex, who will always sally forth to meet existential threats single-handedly if need be.

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