Dimensional Obsolescence

The physical dimension has always been one of a kind, until now. There have always been entities whose purpose is to create planes of existence. The thing is that all of them have been spiritual rather than physical thus far. The world we live in is obviously part of the physical realm. No one ever thought of the potential ramifications of bringing a second physical dimension into existence. You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

The physical dimension where our universe resides was created by the almighty Dominus Rex. Back then he was going by the name Metatron. The only reason that there are so many planets in the universe is because all of the others were the result of cosmic trial and error. In other words, it took a universe worth of planets to make one earth and then the other six human planets that followed.

The stars are simply a demonstration of power. Stars are celestial quantities that actually exist in both the physical and spiritual realm simultaneously. Obviously life on earth cannot be sustained without the sun and moon. Because of having created the earth and the spiritual dimension that overlaps with it, traces of actual goodness were left behind. That line will be important later on.

As it turns out, goodness is an empirical quantity in the spirit world. As the name would imply, it can only be emanated or generated by the good. The goodness that we know of on earth has recently been rescinded in the most unlikely of ways and for the most unexpected reason. The reason being that it was actually on loan.

Humans have been benefiting from the aforementioned goodness since the dawn of time. It is the happiness that each of us pursues in our own way. It’s that good feeling at parties and other kinds of celebration. It is the feeling we get when we hear our favorite music and so on. Lo and behold, there are consequences for bringing concepts from this world into the heavens.

For example, bringing movies to life in heaven takes the goodness out of movies here. That is not to say that you aren’t capable of enjoying a trip to the movies with loved ones. It simply means that it just isn’t the same anymore. Every video game that has been brought to life in the heavens presumably has the same effect on video games here. Those are examples of how the goodness on earth has been rescinded piece by piece until now there is none left. All that remains is the energy that humanity generates on a daily basis.

According to the foremost experts on creation, there can only be one physical dimension a time. Because of that fact, the physical dimension in heaven will destroy the physical dimension here. Please understand that apocalyptic cataclysms occur in the wider cosmos all the time. In this case, the catalyst will be the existence of a superior physical dimension in the heavens when there is only room for one.

Everyone here does have the option to try and get from point A to point B. Sadly, most people will only decide to go to heaven after they are already dead and it’s too late. For those of you who will be there at some point, congratulations are in order. After all, eternity really does mean forever.

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