The Horseman’s Creed

The thundering sound of the four approaching, full stride towards destiny. All who stand unworthy in their path will stand judgment that is two-fold. Firstly when they are struck down with a righteous vengeance. Secondly when when they are forced to rise from the dead to stand judgment again before the throne of the almighty. For the world’s unholy consensus demands that justice be dealt to the progeny of evil. That is why justice must be served both hither and yon.

Theirs is the way of evil, so it is said by the citizens of the true kingdom of good. That is why the four sally forth to enforce their father’s will. Because the descendants of evil believe that they can speak their myriad blasphemies and commit their societal sacrilege with impunity. In only the harshest of terms, nothing can be more perverse than evil writing and enforcing their own laws, informal or otherwise.

When good alighted on a world of evil, the consensus was that of envy. Such is the way of things in a world that is rife with scum and villainy. A society wherein the good may be marked for death and ignominy is one that is based on the opposite of what is true and just. It is no mere exaggeration that the worst kind of evil is the one that pretends to be good.

The slandering filth thought to rectify their status quo with insidiously ill design. All while wearing their treachery like a badge of honor. Such is the presumption of evil, that mere mortals may determine the course of eternity with nothing more than their shameless enmity towards the just. That is why heaven’s most fearsome enforcers have finally arrived. Because their presence coincides with the hour of judgment.

It is said that the good and evil are diametrically at odds in their emotions. If what is good for the goose is good for the gander, then obviously one group must be slaughtered before the other. If might makes right, then let it be known that the horsemen are but a prelude to impending storm. It is perfectly natural for the agents of evil to tremble in fear at their thunderous approach.

The rider of the white horse wears the crown of conquest. Thamarion is his name, and the crown suits his strategic mind. It is he who provides the tactics that his brother implements on the field of battle. The rider of the red horse may always be found where battle is joined. Aggron is his name, and men slay each other at his behest.

When the black horse approaches, so too does Thrax. His is arrival signifies a change in fortunes for the good that is not for the wicked. All who behold the pale rider bear witness to the demise of evil, no matter how much the wretches pretend to be good. Primarch is his name, and the death that his presence portends should be respected by all.

Look to the skies and behold the stride of heroes. Make no mistake, the only reason that the world has not been brought to a complete halt is because they obey their father’s will. It is not because their zealotry has reached its zenith. They herald the arrival of the impending storm that will inevitably be brought hither by the almighty Dominus Rex. It foreshadows the ultimate doom of evil and all of its opinions, subjective or otherwise.

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