Sign of the Times

Where does the time go? It is a question that humankind has been asking since time immemorial. Seasons come and seasons go. There is much that changes, and even more that stays the same. We bid farewell to yesterday, hoping that tomorrow will be better. We welcome today, knowing that it will not last. Some cling to the moment, while others cannot wait to see it go. Where you fall on the scale of mundane expectation is entirely up to you, but do try to remember that fate is not.

Empires rise and empires fall. However historians paint the picture of the past, they always leave out the fact that the common people simply see it as a change in governance and nothing more. A sign of the times, perhaps. But we are born alone and die the same way, however surrounded by the living we may be at the time.

As the years progress with or without our consent, the word reflection ironically takes on new meaning. Grasping at the sand in the hourglass will get one naught but dry skin, at best. There are those who desperately cling to the here and now and forever forsake thoughts of the hereafter, only to finally be forced to admit that nothing is forever in this ephemeral world.

Far be it for anyone to deprive another of the smiles that make the interim worthwhile. Unfortunately, doing just that is the way of the world. To where can one look if the past is forever lost and the future can only progress so far? It is actually a question that most fear to answer. Staring fate in the eye is a tall order, so most gladly go blind.

Better to chart the course wide-eyed than to twist in the wind. In their desperation for a gentle breeze, most revel in the moment to the utmost, however brief it may be. It is only natural to prioritize destiny. But how can one be destined for something that one refuses to see?

Fear not that which has been conquered, so long as you can abide by the conqueror’s prerogative. To pretend to join the fray will bring naught but the confirmation of suspicion and subsequently a most certain and unceremonious doom. Better to choose the winning side in advance than to volunteer for an ignominious fate.

Perhaps asking your fellow man to understand himself is too much to ask. In these rapidly changing times, it is of the utmost importance to make peace with the truth. When the world does not conform to the will of mankind, lies coupled with self-aggrandizement make poor bedfellows indeed.

Welcome the dawn with truth and justice as your companions. For you know not what the morrow will bring. Dream your dreams, but be mindful during your waking hours. Heed these words and perhaps you will enjoy your destiny rather than a surprising yet final twist of fate. If the subject is simply too much to bear, than at some point acknowledge that time has been forever lost.

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