Cosmic Cause and Effect

Everything we say and do has an effect on our immediate surroundings. Everything that groups of people say and do has a collective effect on their surroundings. These statements are true not only in the mortal world, but the celestial plane as well. It is easy to think that everything humanity does is simply a matter of mundane agency. Make no mistake, people who think that way are dead wrong.

If one kills enough evil bastards in the spirit world, each and every last death will leave behind a resonance that gradually adds to what is effectively an air of evil death. In other words, each death will leave behind a tangible feeling that will add to other resonances and combine to make one large atmosphere that smacks of evil bastards dying.

People of a certain ilk will find such an environment refreshing. Obviously the people who are on the wrong side of that conflict will find that particular area foreboding. To put it in more mundane terms, it’s like the climate change crisis that looms on the horizon. Enough people making the wrong decisions one generation after another will ultimately doom every living being on earth. Perhaps the cockroaches will survive, but that is neither here nor there.

The fact of the matter is that the world and all of the animals and insects are born of good. The so called masters of the world however, are an entirely different matter. They whose nature it is to betray and ultimately destroy in the name of some self-serving agenda or another. In other words, there are severe consequences for a world of good that is infested with beings who are born of evil.

Okay, so not everyone owns a power-plant or even a car. Not everyone believes in hunting animals until they go extinct. Worth noting, all of the animal species that have ever lived still live in the garden of Eden. It is a small continent that remains hidden in a place that is inaccessible both by air and by sea. The Archangel Metatron moved it at some point after separating the continents. All of the animals there are uniformly herbivorous, so as to avoid the survival of the fittest theory.

Without further digression, the way we act and think in the human world has consequences that are almost unfathomable. If enough evil bastards get together to wish death on one person, the region where they live will have mindless murder in the air that will affect locals whether they realize it or not. It is the consequence of allowing to many evil bastards to coalesce in the first place.

One would like to think that the generations of humans will be endless. That all will be well and that even the dead simply disappear and rest in peace no matter how big of a piece of shit they secretly were in life. But alas, such thoughts are the pinnacle of stupidity. The truth is that a world born of good will ultimately kill the evil bastards that think they run it with inhospitable climate. There need not be an apocalypse if the goal is to watch humanity die. The fact that there will be one is simply a matter of convenience.

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