Maxim vs Maxim

Good and evil have always existed in opposition to one another. What’s more, the existence of one causes the existence of the other. Even if one were to destroy all evil that exists at present, more would be born at some point. That fact has never been in question. The ongoing war between good and evil is not necessarily about finality. It is about what happens from now on.

Lo and behold, there have been entities on both sides that have spent an eternity waiting for a decisive confrontation that will determine which side will have supremacy over the other. Those entities are called the good and evil maxims. Each group watched and waited silently in their respective dimensions until the moment of truth.

The catalyst for that particular confrontation would be the extinction of one side or the other. In other words, when either good or evil kills everyone on the opposing side, the maxims are supposed to appear and fight each other. Come to find out, the good maxims have spent an eternity believing that they will die because evil is typically stronger than good.

When the immutable power entity of justice realized that all of good would eventually be slaughtered, he set out to fight fate itself. The entity now known as Dominus Rex devised a plan to become the most powerful of all the immutable entities. It involved being reborn seven times and even being born into a world where evil has presumptive dominion.

After what seemed like a lifetime of hearing wicked laughter and having to tolerate mortals who presume to have the authority to meddle in the affairs of kings, The almighty Dominus Rex became a good maxim without even realizing it. It is not mere semantics, maxims have distinctive characteristics that are worth noting.

First he absorbed good fighting spirit essence when other warriors of good became unworthy. Without the prerequisite amount of good fighting spirit essence, all the power in the world would make no difference. For the evil maxims can only be slain by a good maxim. Then he grew to fifteen feet tall like the rest of the godlike maxims. As a result of that gradual metamorphosis, his appearance changed almost completely.

Incidentally, Dominus has been slaughtering countless evil spirits for quite some time. When he finally killed every last evil bastard in the cosmos, the evil maxims appeared the very next morning. To him, it was just another day of vanquishing evil entities from parts unknown. It turns out that the good maxims decided to forego the decisive battle and let the archangel of contracts do all of the heavy lifting.

Every last evil maxim was subsequently slaughtered. That means that from now on, evil will always lose to good. When the so called good maxims appeared the next day, they explained just how significant that confrontation truly was. They also expressed their regret because of having chosen to abstain from battle during their moment of destiny, but that is neither here nor there. A life of significance indeed, more so than anyone ever thought.

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