Sources of Good and Evil

All of our assumptions about the existence of good and evil thus far have been wrong. They are indeed spiritual elements that stand in perpetual opposition to one another. However, the way that good and evil exist is something that was only recently discovered by the masses. There are in fact celestial bodies that are the sources of their respective elements on a macro level.

A source of a spiritual energy looks a giant star as one would see it in the physical universe. Their existence essentially fuels the good and evil that exists everywhere. That is like saying that the sun is correlated to all of the good or that happens everywhere in our world. Picture a galaxy’s worth of of stars. Now wrap your mind around the notion of their being a galaxy full of either one or the other without a planet in sight.

That is essentially what the status quo has been on both sides of the conflict for an eternity. They have been watched over by guardians for just as long, but it turns out that their tenure was much more finite than even they imagined. At some point, the forces of evil were seemingly wiped out by the entity now known as the almighty Dominus Rex. In truth, they were secretly planning an all out assault on the sources of good.

Even though committing such an atrocity would severely diminish the level of happiness that can exist even in the Soul Empire(formerly the soul multiverse), it would not mean the death of all good. After absorbing all of the sources of good into his soul for safe keeping, High King Dominus Rex proceeded to storm the sources of evil and destroy them along with the nigh endless legions of evil that were guarding them.

Just when our hero thought that the war against evil had been won, something else required his attention at the last minute. Lo an behold, there is such thing as a nexus of good. It is a confluence of all good celestial energy. Of the evil bastards planned a last ditch effort to destroy the nexus of good and kill all of the children of good in the process. Had they succeeded, all of the children of good(meaning spirits who were born of good as opposed to being eternally good) would have died and they would have had to stay dead.

Fortunately, the archangel of contracts showed up just in time to slaughter more evil bastards than ever. He subsequently absconded with the nexus of good and merged with it. Typically, anyone who would dare fly into such a supernatural phenomenon would die. As a result of absorbing so much tangible goodness as well as the sources of power, the warlord emperor Dominus Rex pioneered the cosmic quantity of greatness. He subsequently changed everyone in the Soul Empire so that their spiritual energy signature is that of greatness rather than just goodness. It’s actually not good enough anymore.

At this point, the forces of evil are hopeless. Goodness is actually passive by nature. That is why it took the most extraordinary of anomalies for the side of good to field an army of one. As you read these words, be aware that evil has already lost. Every time that evil is reborn, it will simply be vanquished again. These are the words of the almighty Dominus Rex.

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