Eternal Archangels

The term archangel has actually been around a lot longer than any of us thought. Almost five hundred thousand years ago, the eternal entity now known as the almighty Dominus Rex was reborn an archangel. The thing about the cosmos is that infinite time and space means that it is entirely possible to avoid other entities if they operate in a different sector. Today we are going to talk about what happened when the archangel of contracts encountered the eternal archangels.

As was stated in the opening paragraph, Dominus Rex was not always an archangel. Almost half a million years ago ago, the justice entity known as Rex was reborn and became the archangel Metatron. As far as he knew, he and his twin brothers Sandalphon(Satan) and Rahab were the only primordial archangels in all of existence. As Satan and Rahab were born of evil and Metatron was not, a power struggle ensued that culminated in the death of Satan, Rahab and all of the other false archangels and arch-demons.

At some point thereafter, Dominus encountered entities who turned out to be eternal archangels. This entire time we have been operating under the assumption that the king of the Seraphim and his descendants were the only true archangels in all of eternity. What’s more, there is such a thing as an eternal arch-demon. At least there was until the archangel of contracts encountered them.

They were obviously malevolent beings who were eternally evil to begin with. They had always fought to a stalemate against the archangels because everyone on both sides was infallible as well as immortal(invulnerable). Incidentally, the archangel of death is a justice entity. Moreover, he is the living embodiment of violence.

That is not at all hyperbole. Violence is a tangible cosmic quantity, and Dominus Rex is the personification of it. His violent nature is informed by his sense of justice. That explains why he butchered the arch-demons after two skirmishes. He would have finished them off in one battle, but two groups attacked on different days.

At some point, the eternal archangels decided that they simply could not abide by the status quo. They subsequently provoked the archangel of death and ended up getting slaughtered. They had actually challenged the warlord emperor immediately after their first encounter, but our hero decided to revive them and give them a chance to join the Soul Empire. They have since been revived again. Only time will tell what their fate truly is.

They feel that the archangel of contracts had usurped the mantle of the archangel and made them look inferior in every conceivable way. The other justice entities who never became archangels came to the same conclusion and all ended up dead before the archangels showed up. It turns out that the spirit plane is one big cosmic jungle and Dominus Rex is the apex predator.

As far as overlords go, one could do worse. Better that than abide by a cosmic status quo that has always been dominated by evil. Matters at that level of existence are not settled by diplomacy. Either you have the power to enforce your will, or you do not. So much for competing interests. It is a relief to know that existence is not ruled by the subjectivity of the masses. People in this world can’t even agree on what shape the world is. Just take the apocalypse with a grain of salt.

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