Divine Sovereignty

Anyone who wants to run their own realm, divine or otherwise, must have the power to do so. The main difference between mundane and divine sovereignty is that people in the heavens have to plan for an eternity, as opposed to just a mortal lifetime. It may be difficult to fathom, but that means having to anticipate an eternity worth of conflict. Needless to say, it takes a certain kind of person to protect a divine realm.

In the spirit plane there are kingdoms of good and evil. The conflict between good and evil is actually eternal, meaning that it has been going on since forever and will never cease. As such, anyone who rules a kingdom of good must be capable of fending off literally infinite amounts of evil bastards. Furthermore, there are places and entities that are capable of producing infinite amounts of evil bastards at a relentless rate.

There have been cases where sovereign lords of good have been overrun by infinite hordes of evil because of a grievous, logistical miscalculation. Namely, the assumption that there is a limit to how many evil bastards can appear at once and that one would not have to proactively search for and destroy any and all fonts of infinite evil.

Everyone wants to be king, but nobody really wants to fight infinite amounts of unsightly monstrosities. You may find individuals that say they do, but it probably isn’t true. The truth is that the role of divine protector is a lot of work and is unfathomably dangerous, what with having to fight bizarre monstrosities on a regular basis and all.

It’s like having enemies that hate you on an eternal emotional spectrum. A kid might hate for a matter of minutes. An adult might hate for decades. An old person might hate until they die. The myriad monsters of eternity will hate for that long if one does not kill them. It may be difficult to quantify in mundane terms because the worst enemy that one can have on earth has to die eventually.

Conversely, killing the enemy of one’s divine realm is never the end of it. There is always another demon horde or infinite void and so on. If anyone you know wants to run a kingdom of evil, that is an entirely different animal. The evil overlords have to contend with good as well as other evil bastards. There’s actually a lot of infighting among the ranks of evil because their nature is to harm one another as well as themselves.

Moreover, kingdoms of evil look nothing like the kingdoms of good. Evil is ugly by nature. As such, they are utterly incapable of creating beauty. Keep in mind that the human ability to create beauty is possible because the physical world and all of the resources therein are born of good. That means that all paintbrushes are made of good materials.

Furthermore, kingdoms of evil are places of suffering and misery; not to be confused with the world class tourist destinations of the human world. There’s also the fact that the archangel of contracts and his subordinates proactively seek out and invade kingdoms of evil. That is to say that nobody who wants to be an evil overlord can expect to run their kingdom forever. What’s in a name?

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