An End Times Journal

Everyone has a story. Some are comedies while others are tragedies. Everyone imagines what it’s like to be the epic hero, if only for a fleeting moment. More often than not, your average saga will have a little of everything. Talking about the end times can be difficult, but let’s try and get through this conversation together.

If it’s not global pestilence, it’s war with global implications. If it’s not marital law imposed by your national government, it’s heaven’s fearsome enforcers running down the wicked so as to slay them post haste. It can be a lot to take in, but it is not a chaotic thing that they do. Anyone who is on the right side of the apocalypse can rest assured that no harm will come to them.

It’s a tall order for most of earth’s denizens on account of the fact that most individuals are enormous pieces of shit. In a society where everyone pretends to be good, there are cases where monsters go unnoticed. The person that you least expect could turn out to be a human trafficker, or another of the myriad kinds of evil. We’re not exactly in the business of differentiating between one poison and the other.

As the world’s major powers duke it out on the global stage, it’s easy to feel like your getting lost in the mix. If you are someone who is waiting for a supposedly almighty savior to split the sky at the head of an army, you are sadly mistaken. Surely the vaunted Michael would have appeared by now to enforce “god’s” will.

What is more likely is that the Michael that you heard about was nothing but a coward that froze when Satan and his minions attacked and that his so called father was nothing more than a monster that reveled in untruth. But that is neither here nor there.

In the heavens it is said that humanity fears everything. They are regarded as creatures that are fearful of their enemies as well as their friends, even if they would rather die than admit it. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but these words are for anyone who may find these apocalyptic times at least a bit overwhelming at times.

If the world seems chaotic, it is because human nature is thus. What with everyone trying to define their own version of the truth and all. There is indeed a stratagem in place, and you can thank the rider of the white horse for that. Do try to remember that almost everyone on earth pretends to be good and that sometimes the most heinous criminals take their secrets to the grave.

However, it would be wrong to assume that those individuals actually get away with it in the end. Fortunately while life has been playing out every which way here on earth, justice has taken the supernatural world by storm. Evil has actually had the upper hand in the grand scheme of things since literally forever, but not anymore. Justice actually has a name, and you know it well by now.

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