The Measure of Pride

What is pride worth? It’s a simple enough question. Most people have at least some pride. They might be proud of a particular detail that not everyone notices. Some people are prideful for obvious reasons. In today’s world, it seems like everyone has something to say about everything. Let’s examine the reasons why pride might play a factor in the grand scheme of things.

If you watch television or movies, you might get the impression that the people on screen are the kind of people that you want to know. Why wouldn’t they seem thus? They have publicists and focus groups that give them an sense of what comes across as likable. Even if there are some that truly are worth knowing, most are probably exceedingly prideful creatures.

One might wonder how a person’s head can get so inflated. It’s not as if these people are curing cancer. The same can be said for politicians, musicians, and even social media stars. You may even know a person in your life who is downright arrogant, even though they’re not famous. It’s the kind of thing that calls into question the value of life itself.

If a person’s pride literally comes from doing a song and a dance, what does that say about the value of people who do not seek that kind of attention for whatever reason? If the presumption is that everyone is equal under the law, would that not mean that the intrinsic value of human beings is at least somewhat equal?

It begs the question, what is pride worth? Anyone who has power has more than enough pride to go around. Does that fact make those who lack power less valuable as human beings? Ostensibly, even the most arrogant of individuals will at least appear to be someone who values human life in general. If you can’t be proud of who you are without consequence, is that really something that people should be proud of?

Everyone has to die at some point. Some may even defecate on themselves after the fact. When you put it that way, the human lifespan simply isn’t long enough to make anyone fundamentally more valuable than anyone else. Perhaps the mistreatment of others is just evil for evil’s sake.

Everyone seems to have the origin of life figured out in their own way. Some believe that life literally came out of nowhere. Others believe that life was created by a higher power. Has anyone stopped to wonder what the point of humanity even is? Most people like to think of the question as multiple choice and pick all of the above.

Here’s a question for you. If everyone is going to die, what makes life valuable in the eternal context? Most individuals would rather disregard the notion of eternity as subjective. What if they are misinformed? If you ever encounter an entity that calls everything that you think you know into question, perhaps you should simply acknowledge that you were mistaken. If your pride is worth dying for, you better hope that you and your loved ones aren’t dead wrong.

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