Cognitive Dissonance

A person’s thoughts determine the reality of their character. There seems to be a prevailing school of thought that states that we can be otherwise. Whether or not that is true, it is most definitely worth examining why the people that we encounter behave the way they do and subsequently ascertain the true reason for said behavior.

If cognitive dissonance is the emotion that results when two ideas collide in one’s mind, what exactly makes that emotion negative or positive? Ideally, we strive to be the best version of ourselves every day. What happens when our best isn’t good enough? Some people change their behavior, others change their beliefs. Unfortunately, not everyone does both.

If the idea is to live one’s life to the fullest, how does the notion of death comport with the notion of being alive. It is an eventuality that must be confronted at one point or another. Obviously everyone has their own preferred coping mechanism. Most people react with smug satisfaction because it simply wasn’t their turn.

We would like to think that our loved ones would grieve us when we eventually die, and perhaps some of them will. But what happens when the notion of living life to the fullest clashes with the memory of a deceased loved one? We forget, that’s what happens.

To think, everyone who walks the earth must eventually leave it one way or another. No matter how much we may live, laugh or love, everything has to come to an end. One might wonder what the point of such an existence is. Especially when ideas clash in our minds at different points along the way.

Not everyone can achieve that which they set out to do. Success is not something that is guaranteed for anyone. What happens when a person realizes that they will never have what they once wanted the most? More often than not, envy happens. If their lucky, that person stops wanting that certain something. But from that point onward that something will be associated with a negative emotion.

When we are young, many of us are told that if one works hard enough, one can achieve their goals. What happens when we get a little older and realize that life is not fair? The fact that not everyone is capable of reinventing themselves is something that many a mortal has been forced to come to terms with.

The cold reality is that not everyone will get treated equally, no matter how much the presumption of equality is proclaimed by the so called powers that be. One would like to think that everything can be good times and fun memories. What happens when we realize that it simply cannot be thus?

What a difficult existence it must be to live in a world wherein one cannot effectuate the change that would be considered esoterically ideal. Imagine living in a world where cognitive dissonance is a daily opponent that always wins. There are indeed some things that are worse than death, and not being able to reconcile with oneself is one of them. Perhaps a practical solution will arise, perhaps not. Don’t believe the hype. We can only do our very best. That is what is known as an absolute truth, cognitive dissonance be damned.

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