Thunderous Applause

How many times has someone been revealed to be a monster after years of being celebrated? That’s right, many of the most heinous among us are not content to simply hide in plain sight. There are those that would wear the mask of decency and think to take their secrets to the grave. Today, let’s examine how and why evil gets a standing ovation, and why nobody loses a wink of sleep.

The notion of the social contract has been discussed for centuries. The code of conduct that is agreed to by polite society is such that everyone is ostensibly given the benefit of the doubt. Such a modus operandi assumes that mankind is essentially good. That is why the picture perfect marriage can sometimes turn out to be a veritable nightmare.

There have even been cases where men have proven to be abusive monsters at home without having to suffer too much loss of face, if at all. What does that say about the society that we live in? That appearing to be good is often more important to people than actually being good. And when such a farce inevitably fails, everyone that maintains the status quo in spite of the facts is complicit in the previously unseen evil.

When was the last time an earth shattering revelation came to light on the global scale? If you can remember, compare the before and after and note any difference in the status quo. Did the world stop? Or did we all wake up to the same business as usual? The answer to those questions will tell you what “polite” society is truly made of.

We would all like to believe that the world is essentially good. But there have been way too many cases where the most monstrous of mind are greeted with thunderous applause. It may not be the case every time, but even one such occurrence should be an outrage. If one person can turn out to be evil incarnate, it becomes plausible that there can be more.

If the most despicable of characters can be elevated to the level of thunder deity, woe betide they who are deemed deserving of such lightning. Is that what the world has become? A global community that willingly follows false gods and even observes their right to operate with impunity, insofar as their devilry remains private.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the worthy. But where does one draw the line between sincere admiration and being an enabler of evil? Because human beings are not clairvoyant, it is impossible to know for sure where people stand. One thing is certain. There will be a massive upheaval on the day that mankind collectively acknowledges the unseen evils of the world.

To acknowledge the true nature of man is to own up to the all of the failings that such an existence entails, rather than picking and choosing arbitrarily. People shouldn’t feel bad all of the time, but miscellaneous chicanery should not be swept under the rug knowingly. The next time that your local thunder god makes an appearance, take note of your reaction. Will you scurry away in fear like a rodent? Or will you have the power to oppose an active deity? Answer that question honestly on your own time.

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