Formal End of the War Eternal

The war between good and evil has literally been going on since forever. One would think that it is a conflict that will never truly end. In some ways, it actually never will. As it turns out, there was indeed a logical motive that drove both sides towards a definitive conclusion. Fortunately for all of us, evil was always fated to lose.

The nature of the conflict between good and evil is such that coexistence is impossible. Moreover, there seems to be no end to the evil bastards on account of the fact that they keep being born somewhere in the cosmos. Every time we think; “OK, they’re all dead this time”, more of them appear. Knowing that from experience would would make one wonder if the commitment to the war effort is indeed never-ending.

All of this begs the question, how is a war that involves an infinite number of soldiers come to an end? The answer to that question turned out to be surprisingly simple. The war between good an evil has always been about fighting over territory that is of strategic importance. That statement specifically refers to a dimension that serves as the literal epicenter of the conflict.

It is a dimension that is entirely separate from what we know as time and space and thus is inaccessible to outsiders. That is where eternal entities representing their respective sides have been fighting since forever. At one point, evil had the upper hand because they slaughtered half of the good entities. That is because only half of them were combative and they were badly outnumbered.

The surviving half of the good entities were passive by nature and thus have always remained hidden. They survived long enough for the almighty Dominus Rex to invade the dimension and slaughter the evil ones. It just so happens that the archangel of contracts is immutable and thus capable of entering such a plane of existence.

Dominus even managed to set up shop in the aforementioned battleground dimension. The realm now known as the Soul Empire is now in the epicenter dimension. The strategic importance of such a place is invaluable because it means that evil cannot invade from the outside. This was made especially true when the hidden good entities revealed themselves and performed a ritual that marks the end of the conflict as we knew it.

It was much more than simple chanting and flying around. The goal of both sides was to annihilate the other and perform their respective ritual. It actually changed the nature of the dimension in such a way that evil can never hope to claim it for themselves on account of the fact that they are anathema to the plane of existence itself. It would be like fire trying to exist in a realm of infinite water.

Even though the evil ones will always be born somewhere in the cosmos, they will never be able to reach the realm of the good. That is how an eternal conflict that has been going on since time immemorial comes to a formal conclusion. It seems that the progeny of evil stupidly underestimated the almighty Dominus Rex. Woe betide them when he breaks free of his earthen prison. That is how the kingdom of man is referred to in the heavens.

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