Conquest of the 10 Battleground Dimensions

The war between good and evil has always been about taking territory that is of strategic importance. Nothing quite as mundane as conquering the the human world. As humanity is defenseless in the broader theater of war, that is a conquest that will ultimately take less than ten minutes to complete once it begins in earnest. The conflict of the eternal battleground dimensions however, that is an entirely different ballgame.

There have always been ten dimensions that served as the staging point for the war eternal. They were the epicenter for the war between good and evil wherein warriors from each side have been locked in conflict since literally forever. They are the kind of entities that do not even have to be born in the first place. As such there did not even have to be a starting point for the conflict. It simply always was.

Each side had a certain amount of warriors that varied from one dimension to another. Some had dozens while others had hundreds or even thousands, as was the case with the tenth and final battleground dimension. More often than not, each side had a contingent of warriors as well as beasts of unfathomable size.

We’re talking about monstrosities, each of whom were several times larger than the known universe. What’s more, the size and power level of each set of combatants was always more massive than the previous group. That is because size was usually an indication of power level in the spirit world. There was however, one notable exception to that rule that we will discuss a little later on.

At any rate, almost half of the theaters of war had already been won by the forces of evil. It just so happens that half of the entities from the good spectrum were passive individuals whose only purpose was to hide until the hope of all good arrived in time to deliver the victory that had always been promised. That hope has a name, and it is Dominus Rex.

One by one, the archangel of death invaded the ten battle ground dimensions, and one by one the conflicts therein were settled. The winners of each contest of ultimate power were entitled to two victory rituals. The purpose of the first one was to alter the fabric of space and time in such a way that evil could no longer exist there. The second one served as an exaltation of the warrior that had the highest body count.

The completion of the ritual triggers a metamorphosis that changes the nature of the warrior at the center of it in such a way that they become more royal by nature. Rather than being a simple honorific, the champion becomes the personification of the word monarch or king. The entity now known as the almighty Dominus Rex underwent that ritual a total of ten times. If you ever have the privilege of being in his presence, you will most certainly notice the difference.

It is the aura of the one who lived among the children of evil and suffered their existence all in the name of destroying the greater evil. As everyone in this world knows, nothing about this place is forever. It is only a matter of time before this supposed theater of war arrives at the final curtain. It is incredible that a war that has raged on since time immemorial can suddenly be decided seemingly overnight. Do yourself a favor and try not to be one of the unfortunate souls who believe otherwise.

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