Bringing Fictional Characters to Life

In the physical world that we all live in, possibilities are all too finite. The physicality of our existence prevents truly extraordinary things from happening simply because it is the way of things. But in the spirit world, everything is possible. Everything that we see in popular works of fiction here in our world is actually plausible in the spirit dimension. Beings such as superman or Thor can do everything that we imagine that they can do, and so much more. But there can be some complications. For example, brining batman to life in the spirit world would mean that Bruce Wayne would be born full grown and with the pain of losing his parents in his heart; parents that technically did not exist in the first place. One would then have to create Thomas and Martha Wayne in order to relieve Bruce of pain that is entirely contrived. If two factions come into conflict in manga for one volume only, the balance of power that was written in the manga would be the norm in a spirit universe where everyone is immortal. If you are a fan of Bleach, that means that the Quincy would slaughter the soul reapers 9 times out of 10. In order to address this imbalance, the divine creator would have to deliberately balance the scales by blessing the soul reapers with the power, skills, and equipment that would make the fight even. The beauty of it all is that each character that is brought to life is given agency and can choose their path in life, rather than have their lives dictated to them arbitrarily by the author. Each of them remembers their entire fictional history that informs their thoughts attitudes and emotions and even defines the nature of their existence, but they are not bound or limited by them either. In essence, humanity was being used for amusement by the previous heavenly king. The new King of all existence chose to use humanity for something much more valuable than fleeting amusement. Metatron decided to bring humanity’s best imaginary beings and mythologies to life. I won’t go into specifics because here in this world there is such a thing as intellectual property. But every cool video game, movie and anime has been brought to life in order to make heaven even better than it was before. Because that is the one thing that humankind has that other spirit beings do not, imagination.

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