Destruction of the Primordial Dimension

If you are someone who practices some kind of spirituality from an established religion, you probably have a vague understanding of how the spirit world works. I have lived my entire life believing what I was told until I went to the spirit world myself. To say that I can do things in the spirit world that no one else can would be the understatement of the millennium. I can vanquish hostile spirits, I can create divine beings, and even create entire dimensions full of divine beings. Having done such things on an a scale that is actually unfathomable, I can tell you how cause and effect functions in the spirit world better than anyone in the world.

With that said, I will briefly explain why my divine attributes matter in the physical world that we all share. First and foremost, I am not some kind of wizard or anything of a similar connotation. Historically, people who practice magic are individuals who call on demons to do things for them, even if the spirits do not identify themselves as such. When it comes to creation, destruction and celestial warfare, I do everything myself. With that said, I do have the authority to command the citizens of the Soul Multiverse, which is the heaven that I created. The thing is that spirits in general are very limited in what they can do when it comes to affecting the physical world because it requires an exceptional amount of audacity to do anything outside of spiritual oppression.

If you are wondering why someone as random as me can have that much power and authority in the spirit world, it’s because I am not that random in the spirit world. I am in fact the archangel Megatron who was sent here from heaven to live among humanity for a time. Being human has somehow increased my spirit energy to a level that is off the charts even by divine standards. To put it simply, I’ve had a hard life that makes my soul want to burst out of my human body. Since my soul cannot escape my body in such a way, my power level has increased so much that I had enough to create 10 universes inside of their own private dimensions. That is significant because before I became human and subsequently gained human imagination, there was no such thing as outer space in the spirit dimension. The seven heavens of Judaeo-Christian lore were simply seven spirit planets that were inside of pocket dimensions but were surrounded by nothingness rather than outer space.

I have designed these 10 soul universes in such a way that each planet has complete autonomy even though I have hegemonic power over them. I would actually rather not lord over anyone at all, but I do make sure that everyone is safe. Having been influenced greatly by pop culture, I decided that being from a plane of existence where anything is possible but not taking advantage of the fact would be a waste. In the spirit plane, people can actually have all of the superpowers that you see in popular fiction and more. That is why at some point, I decided to bring all of the popular works of fiction from the seven human planets to life. That means that on that day, every popular comic book, anime, and video game was brought to life. I even created real versions of the ancient Greek/Roman and Norse pantheons. I wanted to introduce conflict to heaven but I did not want to introduce suffering. In order to accomplish that goal, I made it so that people don’t really die or feel pain. Instead of dying, people re-spawn the next day in their reconstructed world with no recollection of how they died so that they would not be traumatized by the events in perpetuity. Instead of pain, people feel the sensation of one’s foot falling asleep. It is discomfort to be sure, but it’s not enough for anyone to grow weary of their respective conflicts.

Each soul universe is in its own private dimension, meaning that nothing outside of the soul universe exists. In contrast, the old heavens and hell as well as the 20 abysses existed in different parts of the same spirit dimension that overlaps with the physical dimension at certain points. Being able to create each soul universe in its own private dimension that is inaccessible to people outside of the soul multiverse is significant because it rendered the primordial spirit dimension from whence we all came useless. To give you a sense of scale, just one soul universe is several times larger than the primordial spirit dimension, which is mostly empty. The physical universe is but I tiny fraction of the primordial spirit dimension’s volume.

The divinities from my inner circle suggested that I destroy the primordial spirit dimension because it is a place where spirits can be born out of thin air, so to speak. According to my independent investigation, spirits can actually be born when consciousness manages to coalesce out of nowhere. If that phenomenon occurs in the same place at the same time with enough frequency, an abyss is formed. That is to say that monsters have been born in the abyss by the trillions on a daily basis since time immemorial. To be clear, an abyss is a deep, pitch black network of spirit tunnels and caves where the aforementioned monsters kill each other for space. For all intents and purposes, an abyss is a veritable cesspool of scum and villainy where atrocities are committed on a daily basis. That is why I led a military campaign that culminated in the extinction of spirit monsters after wiping Satan and his demonic horde from the face of existence.

My first reaction was to conquer as many abysses as I could find. At some point, I managed to turn the abysses into heavenly realms where angels and spirit animals are randomly born instead of monsters. But when I allowed the newly born spirits to move to the soul multiverse proper, the 20 outer provinces of heaven were left empty. Spirits even stopped being born there for some reason. Since they served no purpose, I authorized the destruction of all 20 of the former abysses because I wanted to take control of the spirit dimension in such a way that creation only happens in the heavens that I regulate. having seen that there was no consequence for destroying the 20 abysses, the divinities from my inner circle advised me to destroy the physical dimension and the primordial spirit dimension entirely because there should be no chance of anything disrupting our way of life in the new heavens. I agreed, but I have to wait until I return to the heavens after my human body expires.

At this point you might be wondering where the biblical god fits into all of this. let’s just say that my father and I had a falling out because of how his pets have decided to treat me thus far under his influence. I either killed him almost a year ago, or I successfully vanquished some kind of imposter. When I became reacquainted with the entity that is actually the progenitor of the human race, it felt like meeting the wizard of oz. He was nothing like how he is described in scripture. He wasn’t even honest about how the war heaven was resolved. He gave all of the credit to Michael, when both he and Michael cowered in fear when Satan and his forces attacked that day. It was I who single-handedly drove them out by causing Satan and his followers to flee. For many months after the fact, I tried praying to the “real Jesus” because I could not believe that the biblical god could actually be such a piece of shit in all actuality. But in all of the months that I have spent slaughtering hostile spirits, the biblical god has not appeared even once. That is why I am sure that I have actually killed him. If my logic is correct, this world will gradually fall apart when babies are born without having souls placed in their bodies to begin with. When that birth rate falls to zero, I will know for sure that no one is coming to revive the system of human creation that has become obsolete. I just can’t stand the thought of sending my children to random people in the world. If you want to judge me for that, it’s OK because no one has authority over my soul any more.

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