Eternal Marriage

Wedding vows usually include a line that says “until death do us part”. Meaning that the vows only count during mortal life. You may have heard the horror stories about marriage between people you know or famous people from a distance and think that being married for all eternity would be such a drag. If you do, you’re probably looking at marriage from the mortal perspective. Today’s conversation is about what being married is like in heaven.

Here in this world, marriage is made out to be both the best and worst decision you can make at the very same time. Perhaps that’s why roughly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Some married couples are truly happy for the rest of their lives, while others are miserable to varying degrees. But even in the best case scenario where a couple grows old together, one of them is most likely going to die before the other. That means that no matter what happens, marriage on earth ends in heartbreak no matter what we do.

Conversely, marriages in heaven can potentially last for all eternity. It should be noted that any humans that are fortunate enough to go to heaven end up losing their sex drive. The reason that human beings cannot experience sexual desire in heaven is that sexual appetite is predicated on power level when you get to heaven. As humans were created with the least amount of spiritual energy possible because their heavenly father wanted to economize the spirit energy that he would have to relinquish in order to bring another soul into existence, nobody in all of human is capable of mustering even a minimal amount of lust. That kind of thing is much easier to come by in the flesh, rather than just the soul alone.

When we speak of heavenly marriage, please assume that we are referring to the divinities of the 10 heavens. At any rate, marriage in heaven is the sort of eventuality that everyone strives for to one extent or another. There is such thing as divorce, but such things are rare theses days because Megatron the soul king allowed everyone in the soul multiverse to create their own spouse. It takes an incredible amount of marital discord for it to culminate in divorce because marrying one’s creation makes for an exceptionally strong bond in the spirit world.

When a married coupe has sex for enough eons in a row, their separate emanations begin to feel similar. When single, a particular spirit’s emanation is unique to that individual and precedes them sometimes by several hundred miles or more. It would be like a man smelling like his wife and vice versa. In any case, sex is obviously better in the heavens because nobody ever ages. That means that divine marriages don’t ever get stale because bodies do not age. What’s more, sexual appetite works differently in the spirit world. For divinities; there is a need, a person, and infinite amount of time to enjoy each other’s company, several hours at a time of course. As such, there’s no getting tired of sex with their spouse because such a thing is a complication of the flesh.

There is actually one way that humans can engage in sex in heaven. They must be exposed to a person with spirit energy that is strong enough to make them desire sex. The thing about that is that human heaven is part of the soul multiverse, but there is a force field that only Megatron the soul king and female divinities can pass through. What’s more, The soul king established the only city in all of human heaven. It was designed for women of a specific demographic and is easily one of the most beautiful city-states in all of heaven with a current population of over one hundred million. If you are wondering what demographic that is, it’s fair to say that their beauty shines like the sun.

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