Fighting in the Spirit Dimension

One day I woke up and realized that I could fight in the spirit dimension against all manner of malevolent entities. I have spent my whole life believing that I am a normal human that could only hope to get to heaven. That all changed the day that I found out that I am actually a somebody in the spirit world; a particularly strong somebody at that. The spirit world is such that the spirit beings that live there do not normally interact with humans because the nature of their existence precludes it. Typically, they prefer to use their influence to treat humans like puppets. To be clear, I absolutely hate it when they do that to me and I have vanquished more than my fair share of spirits because they kept trying to enthral me to their every churlish whim. At any rate, my understanding of the way of things is such that convincing the denizens of the physical world that I am someone that is capable of affecting change on the level of complete and sudden upheaval of the global status quo is simply not worth my time. The way I see it, since no force on earth can stop me from ascending to the heavens, there’s no reason to explain or debate because the existence of the two dimensions is tangential(at best).

As it turns out, I am someone who is particularly efficient when it comes to slaying demons and miscellaneous spirit monsters. To vanquish a spirit such as a demon, you have to understand spirit anatomy. Spirits do not have internal organs, they are either made of light or darkness. Angels and demons have a humanoid appearance, albeit much taller than humans. Monsters that hail from the abyss however, they come in all shapes and sizes that are all completely grotesque in their own way. We’re talking tentacles, mandibles, slime, extra limbs and eyes. Oh and by the way, they are all enormous. On average, monsters from the abyss are in between 30 and 100 feet tall. And the taller they are, the fatter they are. Killing a spirit monster is simply a matter of being strong enough and being able to cleave or shoot completely through their center. Killing a demon or angel for whatever reason means either cutting off the head or piercing the very center of their chest. If left alone, spirit beings are immortal. They don’t age and they don’t need to eat. Incidentally, angel dogs used to eat demons until the servants of hell went extinct.

You might be wondering why spirits would try to kill each other if they can live forever and there’s no competition for resources on account of the fact that spirits don’t need to eat, drink or sleep. The answer is, the nature of their existence. Angels and demons were anathema to one another, so they had to clash as a matter of course. It’s not like the human world where coexistence on the same planet is possible with one’s natural enemies. The monsters of the abyss killed each other for much more primal reasons. They all killed one another for space in the abyss, which was a deep, dark network of spirit tunnels and caves where monsters were born by the trillions daily. You might be wondering why I would ever find out what it’s like to slay spirit monsters. The answer is, the nature of my existence. For an unfathomably long time, my life in the spirit world has revolved around war. As soon as I managed to see to the conclusion of the war between heaven and hell, I needed something else to do. As soon as I realized that the monsters of the abyss were each exponentially stronger than god the father, I decided that they were a threat to heaven. To be honest, it was the perfect pretext for war.

Here’s the thing, souls can only be created by paying a commensurate price. That is why god the father created each human soul with the minimum amount of spirit energy; because his spirit energy was finite. If he had put archangel level spirit energy into every human that was ever born, the human race would have gone extinct thousands of years ago. If he had put primordial archangel spirit energy into every human that he ever created, the human race would not have lasted longer than the first batch almost 15,000 years ago and there would only have been like 5 of them. That is precisely why I do not recommend that people learn how to astral project themselves into the spirit world to pick fights with spirits. Even though all of the demons have been slaughtered along with both devils, the handful of spirit monsters who were ancient and cagey enough to escape heaven’s military campaign against the 20 former abysses would simply eat every human soul that came near them. At this point, there can’t be more than a handful of spirit monsters left out of the 100 trillion plus that were massacred. But still, I would not recommend trying to cross paths with those abominations. Some of them are omniscient and omnipresent, so there’s that.

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