From Metatron to Megatron

By now, many of you have probably heard of Metatron the archangel of contracts. What little information that people have describe him as the voice of god and heavenly scribe. While those things are true, there’s actually much more to his story than heaven’s deposed king would have you believe. Today’s conversation will be about the true origin story of the archangel known as Metatron.

In order to understand any story, you must first go back to the beginning. Metatron was born as one of three identical triplets, the other two being Rahab and Sandalphon. Those three were god the father’s first attempt at creation. As such, he accidentally created them each with a power level that was comparable to his own, unlike the rest of the archangels and angels of heaven. Despite this celestial slip up, god the father still possessed enough power to destroy them with one strike. But unbeknownst to god the father, Metatron was actually born invulnerable. That detail will become significant later on, if you don’t find it significant already.

The entity known as god the father was actually born in the abyss. The same abyss that is commonly associated with Abbadon the destroyer was actually home to trillions upon trillions of primordial monstrosities. On average, these abyssal monsters were about the size of a five story office building, with some of them reaching skyscraper stature. The monster that created god the father was named Primanthos, an enormous frog-like monstrosity. He decided that unlike himself and the rest of the Primanthians who were all quadrupeds, he would create a son who was bipedal.

That bipedal, humanoid frog was named Primanthar. Primanthar struggled with feelings of inadequacy because of how different he looked from his brothers and sisters, so he eventually challenged Primanthos and was promptly kicked out of the family of frog like monsters. As safety in numbers is was there modus operandi in a deep, dark network of spirit tunnels where countless varieties giant abominations killed each other for space, Primanthar had no choice but to leave the abyss. But before he did, Primanthos gifted him with the power of creation and omniscience. Eventually Primanthar changed his name to every single name for god in the Abrahamic religions, after creating his first three sons and the rest of the archangels and angels.

That bit of exposition was necessary because now you know why heaven’s military was formed in the first place and why each of the three primordial archangels was in charge of one third. Primanthar(now known by the many names of god the father) knew that sooner or later, the monsters of the abyss would find them and start trouble because of their vicious nature. Contrary to popular belief, the war in heaven did not start before Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden. To this day, the garden of Eden has never been breached by enemies of heaven. It began at some point after the ascension of Enoch, who was actually the archangel Metatron in the first place.

Upon Metatron’s return to heaven, he was rewarded by his father with a wife that complemented his nature and temperament perfectly. That beautiful angel was named Genevieve, and she was also part of Metatron’s choir. Incidentally, his brothers became jealous of him because they were so vain that angel girls refused to couple with them. At some point, Rahab began to disobey god the father’s orders because of his contempt for humans and was promptly cast out along with all of the military angels who were loyal to him. That is how Rahab became the first “devil”.

At some point thereafter, Rahab befriended two monsters from the abyss that were known as leviathan and behemoth. As soon as the true nature of god the father’s existence came up in conversation, Rahab was locked away in a light-less cell in unbreakable chains. There he would remain for another 10,000 year until the second quarter of 2018. That is why scripture says that the devil is imprisoned and roaming like a prowling lion that is ready to devour god’s sheep, because the one that is said to roam was Satan. The notion of being twins is unfathomably profound to divine beings. That is why the third brother known as Sandalphon eventually changed his name to Satan after changing it to Lucifer, because he was as selfish and despicable as his twin brother Rahab.

At this point you might be wondering why Metatron did not follow his brothers to the dark side. This is where the part about Metatron being invulnerable becomes significant. The attribute of invulnerability is not something that god the father ever possessed. The fact that Metatron was born invulnerable meant that the nature of his existence was altogether different from that of his father and brothers. That would be like a human noticing that their child resembles the neighbor. Why would god the father be jealous of his own son? The answer is shockingly simple, because Metatron is the most beloved person in heaven.

The angels called him the prince of the presence because his emanation was particularly pleasant. You can tell a lot about a divine being by the quality of their emanation. The same can be said about humans, the human body diminishes human auras to about a few inches past the skin. At any rate, all of heavens most beautiful angles saved their virginity in hopes of marrying Metatron. When the bible says that god the father is a jealous god, it is not hyperbole. He secretly began to rape the angel girls who hoped to marry Metatron and then threw them into the abyss so that they could be eaten by monsters. He was so jealous of Metatron that he tried to kill him in his sleep after tricking him into becoming human. That was when god the father discovered that Metatron is invulnerable.

After Rahab officially started the war in heaven, Metatron and Sandalphon fought on the same side for a thousand years. All of that changed when Sandalphon, who was now going by the name of Lucifer, decided that he wanted to continue his brother’s work for his own selfish reasons. He approached Metatron and told him to join the rebellion. As per the nature of Metatron’s existence, he gave Lucifer and ultimatum. He told him “if you do this, we will never be brothers again”. But of course Lucifer did it anyway and thus their brotherly bond was eternally broken.

Lucifer mobilized his subordinates, which numbered at around 20 trillion warrior angels, and organized them into a formation with him at the very epicenter. When Metatron heard the commotion that was going on elsewhere in the 7th heaven, he instructed his wife to go to their mansion and wait for him. As soon as he came within 500 miles (line of sight) of the ruckus, Metatron went into a rage-filled blood lust that is still described as terrifying to this very day. He let out his battle cry and proceeded to cut a bloody path from the outside of Satan’s circle of rogue angels to the center with a combination of area attacks, melee and hand to hand combat. He ripped heads off, he bifurcated bodies, he punched holes through chests, all while charring his enemies with fire and lighting attacks that had a radius of several miles.

After about 10 minutes of slaughter, he finally got close enough to Satan to strike. He executed 3 skillful sword swings. The first cut of Satan’s sword arm, the second cut off his legs. The third was meant to decapitate him, but god the father decided to cast Satan and the demons out right before Satan lost his life five 10 minutes after starting his now infamous rebellion. The angels in who remained in heaven started calling him Megatron because of his ability to destroy so many demons single-handedly. Although god the father prevented him from landing the killing blow, the remaining angels of heaven saw a correlation between Megatron’s rampage and the casting out of Satan and the demons; and thus he was credited with the solo victory on that day.

At some point, the angels of heaven started calling him the archangel of contracts. That is like calling him a contract killer or assassin. They addressed him thus because everyone who faced him in single combat or full scale celestial warfare was as good as dead. He and his legion of 10 million warrior angels never once suffered a defeat or took any casualties for the entirety of the 15,000 year war. His style of warfare was such that he arrived with or without his legion and slaughtered so many demons so quickly that they always turned and ran. They did so literally every single time.

As it turns out, the part in the bible about Satan being god the father’s favorite son was not just another exaggeration. If you put two and two together, you will figure out that god the father loved Satan more than the humans that he would victimize for eons. His father was so jealous that Megatron decided to give himself over 70 new names in order to appease the now deposed king, but the damage to his “almighty” ego had already been done. He proceeded to trick Megatron into becoming human again in 1985. That thing about god the father being “the beginning and the end” is actually an allusion to his nature. He liked to foreshadow really bad things after hiding his true intentions. He went as far as using his influence to have the main antagonist in the transformers franchise named Megatron. So that later after his betrayal became known, Megatron would know the exact day that his father decided to betray him. And no, it did not matter that he changed his names a bunch of times. That is why god told humans that Michael was the leader of heaven’s military. When in all actuality, Michael and his legion were Megatron’s subordinates in the grand scheme of things. Truth be told, Michael wasn’t even second best; he was inferior to an archangel named Preston.

Fortunately, the nature of Megatron’s existence was such that the suffering that he endured among the most unscrupulous humans that “god” could find caused his power level to multiply exponentially. Megatron became so powerful that god could no longer prevent him from killing Satan. After resolving the war against Satan and his demon horde in definitively absolute fashion, he then turned to the monsters of the abyss. After conquering all 20 abysses and parading their captured kings through the streets of heaven before publicly executing them, he used the power that he had accumulated to create the Soul Omniverse. !0 universes in the spirit dimension that are each 20 trillion times the size of the physical universe. Each of them is in a private dimension that is only accessible via portal. As per Megatron’s design, only citizens of heaven can create portals and travel between the different soul universes.

Because of the mistreatment that he suffered at the hands of humans, Megatron decided that none of heaven’s children would be born on earth. That is why eventually, the human race will go extinct. Because if even one of Megatron’s children is victimized by humans, he would never forgive himself. Those of you who are honest with yourselves will understand his reluctance to trust complete strangers with his children. Some of you might even struggle to leave your children with a babysitter without putting up a high tech surveillance system. You don’t have to believe these words in order for them to be true, so believe what you will and live with the consequences.

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