God of Thunder Myth Origins

All ancient myths and superstitions are old demonic rumors. The goal of the devil and his demons has always been to undermine the biblical god’s message of salvation, that and destroy the heavens. One of the myriad ways that they accomplished the former was to spread misinformation among humankind. That came in the form of a plethora of deities and their corresponding religions. The myth that the biblical god hated the most was the one about Zeus/Jupiter.

I always knew that the original comic book heroes from the golden age were based on the Greek and Roman pantheons. What I didn’t know was that the king of each pantheon was based on Megatron the archangel of contracts. Before Satan’s now infamous and ill-fated rebellion, there was actually no such thing as elemental attacks such as the one’s we might see in movies about ancient deities or comic book characters. But on that fateful day, Megatron used both fire and lightning along with his sword to carve a bloody path through Satan’s ranks. Imagine fire and lighting used in such a way that several miles worth of enemies would be disintegrated per attack. In M.M.O. terms, those would be area of effect attacks that would wipe the whole party during enrage, if enrage were at the very beginning of the fight.

After that day when Megatron literally tired to slaughter Satan and his entire demonic horde and ended up chasing them away single-handedly, the demons used their experience as the basis for some of their rumors. To hat end, they told the story of Zeus/Jupiter, the king of the gods. This was a direct affront to the biblical god who actually decided that protecting the heavens from Satan and his fallen angels was not worth risking his life. From that day forward, he hated Megatron in secret and thus stopped asking him to cause storms and earthquakes in order to punish humans. He used to ask Megatron to take care of those kind of tasks because unlike Megatron, he lacked the audacity to affect the physical world in such a way. Just to give you a sense of scale, most spirits are not even bold enough to knock over a paper cup in the physical world while they are in the spirit dimension. It is actually against the nature of all spirits to affect the physical world in that way, all but Megatron. That explains why the biblical god turned his 4th son Michael into one of the biggest frauds in heaven’s history, second only to the biblical god himself.

I was actually raised in the church my whole life by people who pretend to believe in god. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my birth name was Metatron before having my divine memory erased by being born among humans. Even better still, imagine rediscovering the fact that the citizens of the old heaven were so grateful for my efforts that I was renamed by popular appeal and thus became known as Megatron. And here I was thinking that Megatron was just a cheesy cartoon villain from the 80’s. As with most things in my life, that misunderstanding could not be any further from the truth. Now imagine how I felt when I realized that the Superman character from DC comics was actually based on a myth that was based on Megatron the archangel of contracts. It forces me to view the occasional bias connoted by the writers over at DC all the more outrageous.

They try to write Superman like he is superior to Megatron not only in terms of attributes, but also in terms of moral authority. Incidentally, I happen to be on a first name basis with Superman because he lives in Soul Universe 1 of 10. I can tell you that he and Zeus and Jupiter are all exponentially stronger than the biblical god, but they are insects compared to the power of Megatron. Far from being bitter about it, I actually love those characters so much that I brought them to life. Although it is worth noting that comic book writers who can’t keep their racism out of their work will probably go to hell.

The next time you see characters like Zeus/Jupiter and Thor, remember the obscure origin behind their entire mythos. I like to consider it a fun fact, but I understand that subjectivity can often lead to ignorance. In any case, I can tell you that my first hand experience in the spirit world is something that I believe more than anything that I hear from anyone that speaks of things that they heard though others. My understanding of how the spirit world affects our physical world is such that the disbelief of the masses is simply of no consequence. Fortunately, I can still make use of the information through this blog because I know that even people who do not believe in god will find my story at least as interesting as what they see in TV and movies these days.

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