The lost city of Atlantis was never lost. It never actually existed in our world to begin with. The sea peoples of the bronze age called their fleet of ships Atlantis because they had tens of thousands of ships, but the ancient city that everyone has heard of at one point or another never existed in our world. All of the talk about the doom of Atlantis was actually a prophecy that had yet to unfold this whole time.

Atlantis always existed in another dimension where there is an infinite ocean. It was the place where the first beings originated and the reason that we think of water as the element of life. There was an original Atlantis and then five lesser versions of it by the same name.

The rhetoric about the doom of Atlantis was actually about the result of the war between all of the Atlantean kingdoms. At some point, the kings of Atlantis were always going to end up in a conflict with one another. The only question was how the conflict would begin.

They were probably never going to fight because they were all too busy enjoying life in their respective cities that were actually countless miles apart in the infinite ocean. That was the status quo until Ajax the Olympian god of victory decided to take one of the Atlantean kingdoms by storm. It was the assault that set in motion the events that led to the war for Atlantis.

Approaching by sea was impractical because it was the first time that Ajax had been to the dimension of the infinite ocean. Teleportation and meteoric impact from above was the better option. As soon as he landed, he was confronted by the Atlantean army. The name Ajax actually means juggernaut, and for good reason.

He proceeded to fight his way up the main causeway towards the center of the city. Ajax had to fight his way past the Atlantean army for almost one thousand miles before finally arriving at the royal palace. He then fought Poseidon in the throne room and won.

That was how Ajax began his conquest of Atlantean kingdoms, all of which were ruled by Olympians. The cities themselves appeared naturally because of the primordial nature of the infinite ocean. Poseidon found one of them and then proceeded to cut ties with his famous siblings.

He didn’t feel like he was settling for Atlantis at all. It just so happens that he discovered guns and major artillery when he found the great city. Poseidon therefore had the technological advantage over his two brothers, who wanted nothing more than to take Atlantis from him.

He had no such advantage over Ajax who has an arsenal of legendary weapons which includes guns of all sizes that fire divine ammunition and a war-hammer possessed of the power of thunder. After conquering the first Atlantean kingdom, Ajax proceeded to campaign all over the infinite ocean. He defeated all six of the rival Atlantean realms and became Arch-king of the true Atlantis, which then grew to dwarf the universe to an unfathomable degree.

That was when Ajax the king of the gods became the first Atlantean god, which is a special kind of Olympian god. He actually had to defeat all of the countless sea gods and their aquatic minions in order to gain aquatic powers, such as being able to swim and fight at the speed of light under water. That is something that only the new king of the ocean can do.

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