Website Reconstruction

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to rebuild my website from scratch using word press. The website builder that I’ve been using this whole time has served me well for years, but I decided that I needed more control over how my website looks and feels. I ended up cancelling my website builder plan and in the process I scrapped my entire website in order to switch to a new hosting service. The hosting that came with the generic website builder that I was using ultimately proved too cumbersome because it did not allow me to install my own security certificates. The only way to add SSL encryption was to pay some outrageous price for something that the tech savvy can do for free. I realized that the only way to improve my website was to take a chance and switch to new software overnight. I’m currently still getting used to all of the features available in word press, but I’m already on track to do a proper relaunch very soon. I’m glad that I decided to start over because now I have the means to get my message out to the world in a much more efficient way. If you have been a long time reader, thank you for acknowledging my words. If you are new, welcome.

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